Top 10 exercises for shapely legs and elastic ass

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If you dream about beautiful legs and elastic ass, you cannot do without squats. When you perform them you need every day. Elastic ass and shapely legs easily pump houses — for this, you do not need additional equipment. Except for the study of the deeper muscles can eventually use a weighting for the feet.

The following 10 exercises can be done as a single complex or combine with the load on the abdominal muscles, arms or back. After the sit-ups, it is desirable to perform stretching.

The exercises can be alternated and choose 3 for each workout. All of the exercises to be performed at least 10 times! It is advisable to repeat for 3 sets each.

Classic squats for elastic ass

Top 10 exercises for shapely legs and elastic ass

When you perform this, a friend since childhood tries to exercise to keep your back straight, hands to display forward and make sure that your knees do not extend beyond the toe.

Wide squat for elastic ass

Top 10 exercises for shapely legs and elastic ass

This exercise is also called the squat «sumo» — put your feet wider than shoulders, socks dissolve in hand and try to sit down as deep as possible while keeping your back flat.

Squat & Press for elastic ass

Top 10 exercises for shapely legs and elastic ass

To practice abdominal oblique muscles Accomplish squat «sumo» with his hands behind his head, standing up, pulls the knee to the elbow through the side. Try to curl up in the body and keep your stomach in shape.

Jumping from a seated position for elastic ass

Stand so that the feet are shoulder-width apart, bend your knees, and lower your hips, arms at your sides. On the exhale, jump out the most up and gently lands on the same half-bent knees. Try to dismiss the buttocks as much as possible back.

Squatting-nod for elastic ass

This exercise is very effective, as it involves different muscle groups. Put the feet shoulder width apart, both classic squats, and sank down on bent knees. Then transfer the weight alternately on each side, taking away with the opposite leg in a diagonal back of the knee, as if making a curtsy. Each spring in the lap curtsy!

Squatting position in the legs together for elastic ass

Top 10 exercises for shapely legs and elastic ass

Classic squat only complicated the situation down. When you watch that your back is flat and your knees are not leaving.

Squatting-pistol for elastic ass

This squat is performed with the weight on one leg support and elimination of a second straight leg forward by 90º. If the right to perform this exercises seriously, hold with one hand for support.

Lunges for elastic ass

Perform squats, bringing, in turn, each leg forward and giving it weight. Watch the position of the knee, which is to come. It should be clearly perpendicular to the floor, back straight, however, remains.

Squat jump for elastic ass

Top 10 exercises for shapely legs and elastic ass

Squatting with elements of cardio is the good to load on the heart muscle and effective fat burning. Do squat «sumo» jumping exercises after each picking up and jump up. Then, as the jump is lowered into the squat with a wide arrangement of the legs. Try not to slow down.

Squatting with a step to the side for elastic ass

This exercise is very effective for the gluteal muscles. Pose static — Arise knees, hands foothold in the castle in front of chest, back straight, stomach pulled. Perform not shag aside and then returns the leg in place. Knees are not rectified.

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