Zika Virus 2016 – Is a New Global Threat to Humanity?

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A doctor in Latin and South America is increasing concern caused by the rapid spread of the virus in this region Zika. Recently, it was reported that in otherwise healthy people Zika virus 2016 can lead to serious complications.

It’s only 2 months from the moment the Brazilian doctors first reported the discovery of the relationship between infection of the body of a pregnant woman Zika virus 2016 and an increased risk of fetal microcephaly, the severe defect of fetal development.

What say doctors about Zika virus 2016?

Zika virus 2016 – is a new global threat to humanity?

Meanwhile, doctors Salvador (El Salvador), the country is also located in this region, reported another previously unknown complication Zika virus 2016 fever, which until recently was considered a relatively harmless disease.

Salvadoran doctors discovered a significant increase in the country the number of cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome. In this disease, due to the over-reaction of the immune system to bacterial or viral infection develops disorders of the peripheral nervous system. As a result, of the attack, the body’s own immune system to the nerve tissue in the patient developed severe muscle weakness, loss of sensation in the limbs and even their paralysis.

Within 5 weeks of the December 1, 2015, to January 6 this year, El Salvador was registered 46 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, whereas previously the average annual number of cases of this disease is not more than 169.

Zika virus 2016 – is a new global threat to humanity?

Half of the new cases develop Guillain-Barre syndrome preceded by fever with symptoms typical of that which is caused by a Zika virus 2016.

In connection with the mass appearance in El Salvador mosquito species Aedes aegypti, which transmit the Zika virus 2016, the country’s Ministry of Health was forced to go on an unprecedented step: women living in El Salvador, who are going to have a baby, were urged to postpone it, at least until 2018.

Earlier Zika virus 2016 fever in the Americas had not met — the first cases of the disease of local origin have been identified in the region of only 9 months ago.

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