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When I started my training, the first thing we started to correct, was my without knee pain while running technique. I heard something and somewhere that you need to run on the toe, but the reality was the opposite. I’m wearing my old Nike is a thick heel, he continued pounding heels. From this after the long distances swollen knees, and in the evening were not the very pleasant sensation in the hip joint. In short it was not very cool. Moreover, a friend of mine, an outspoken opponent of the run at all, and told me: «I do not understand why to run if it injures the joints. My knees hurt after jogging. I decided not to continue. «And you in the comments and letters constantly write about what you have always something hurts. So, here’s how to solve systematically once all these problems.

How to Start Running Without Getting Knee Pain. Fitness & Exercise Tips

The problem is really only one — we used to run on the heel. We waved his arms and throw the leg forward, hoping that as we run faster. And you know why we have a «channel»? Because modern shoe manufacturers «help» us. They are doing more and more shock absorbing heel, which are becoming fatter and fatter. And it turns out that we run, run, suffer, suffer, and then threw a run when there is no strength to endure. Because there is no lining will not save the force from the blows that you put the heel on the ground so often and so much. You throw a straight leg forward and you land it on the ground. The shock wave causes more and more blows on your knee, thigh passes the impact force from the knee to the hip, thigh — in the body and you just beaten himself without knee pain while running. And all this because of a thick heel of your shoe. I forgive you, yet …

How to run properly - without knee pain while running

If you do not believe me, then perform an experiment — go to the track, not the hard surface, and do what you do in sneakers barefoot. Beat yourself naked heel 100 meters of track. You quickly get bored. So why do we allow ourselves to the sneaker that does not allow himself barefoot Kenyan runner or triathlete without knee pain while running in a flat sneaker 42 km? At one point, we became hostages of shoes and only it can run properly?

The first who began to speak openly about the vicious practice in which runners run on the heel and shoe manufacturers producing indulge their thick shoes, became Gordon Pirie. A little about Gordon:

The main theses of the theory without knee pain while running on the toe of Pirie

  • Without knee pain while running, it is not necessary to throw a leg forward and land on your heel. This causes shock and injures you. Moreover, landing on the heel, you have to brake again and apply a force to disperse.
  • You have to land on the forefoot, which at the time of landing is under your center of gravity, which causes inhibition. Without knee pain while running like running «duck» — abruptly and discontinuously you must start from the ground like running on a hot skillet.
  • So you can run further because your feet are in the air longer and relax. You are no longer heavy landings — they are replaced by intermittent and frequent tremors. This mode is more economical energy to the leg muscles.
  • To speed up you just need to increase the speed of movement of the legs, but not their spread. Increased speed will allow me to spread and later, but you will still land under his center of gravity and will not bring down the rate.
  • Without knee pain while running shoes should be in the same thickness over the entire length of the sole. If you run correctly, it sneakers cleared under the toe, not the heel. Having mastered the technique of Pirie, you will realize that much bulky heel interfere! See what ran the Olympic champions, who had a long career, let alone today.
  • Hands are along the body, helping to make you jerks.
  • Do not lean forward and look at the horizon!

Generally, if you love to run but are suffering from pain, do not like to run, but you want love, you want to run faster and not get hurt, then read the book, Gordon Pirie wrote that just for a day! Very emotional and full product. It is called «run quickly and without injury.» Gordon commanded that the book should be distributed free of charge, as is happening today.

Look how the harmonic motion without knee pain while running in this video:

After reading this book today, I decided to conduct an experiment and run just as it is written in the book without having to switch on the heel. I bought new without knee pain while running shoes, not perfect, but not as thick as my previous ones (in the photo is not visible, but the difference is huge if they feel inside).

How to run properly - without knee pain while running

Because of the icing, I ran across the ice. Only on the sock, but evenly and not leaning forward. It was slippery and pushes off the ground was not comfortable. If I was without knee pain while running on the heel, it could be great thunder simply because straightened leg almost uncontrollable. Running the test of almost 5 kilometers, I never stumbled, and when, after the first kilometer I said, RunKeeper «Average pace is 5:04 mins per km», I was stunned because it is now very difficult time for me and without ice. And this is not asphalt. In a very relaxed pace I ran the usual distance from the overall average Pace 5:20, whereas a week ago, I usually covered by ice without rushed to support it literally exhaling! Now it is very interesting to try it on a normal dry road 🙂 The only thing that should be said that to maintain this run takes some time to practice — your calves are not used to such a load that before they gave the joints, and those back ached and ached.

How to run properly - without knee pain while running

And, remember the run-to-toe «Kangaroo only his first boost spending 100% of the available jog energy for each subsequent push it spends only 10% of energy!» So you have to run around — quickly and for a long time, and even economically.

And when you finish your first run-toe in old sneakers and walk a few meters on foot, you will understand how much you interfere with the thick heel, which should … um um … help? 😉 Today I think that’ll cut it so it irritated me!

In fairness, building says that manufacturers understand the trend and make just such shoes Barefoot without knee pain while running:

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