Why Body Aches and Headache?

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Body aches — a phenomenon that is accompanied by a fairly large number of conditions and diseases. By itself, the unpleasant symptoms, but sometimes it is added to it one more trouble — headache.

Body aches, especially in combination with a pain in the head, may be a signal about the course of disease in the body, sometimes very serious.

Infectious diseases

Symptoms body aches are most often caused by SARS or the flu. Sick people celebrate colds have not only a headache, but also fever, and chills. However, not all colds accompanied by fever. It so happens that only body aches signals of infection in the body.

Why Body Aches and Headache?

Particularly dangerous infectious diseases carried by ticks. If body aches accompanied by one of the following symptoms, you should immediately seek medical help:

  • The body aches were discovered redness or erythema of unknown origin appeared around the bite.
  • There were small itchy watery blisters.
  • Very often, the tick can cling to people and go unnoticed. If you have these symptoms appeared even a few weeks later, after a walk in nature — it is an occasion for emergency treatment in hospitals.

Arches without a fever, but accompanied by chills, cold sweat and weakness characteristic of infections derived from food poisoning, pneumonia, botulism.

Vermin: body aches

A variety of worms that feed at the expense of the human body, causing disruption of metabolism and blood loss. When parasitic infestation observed all disease, but chief among them is the weakness.

Intoxication: body aches

The poisoning substandard or expired products, toxic substances, drugs, toxic substances detrimental effect on nerve sheath. Have affected the whole body aches, there are nausea and vomiting, high fever, weakness, dizziness, sweating.

Nervous and mental disorders: body aches

Why Body Aches and Headache?

Neuroses may manifest itself in a wide range of a variety of symptoms: this may be an ache, pain in different parts of the body aches, chills, low-grade fever.

Such symptoms were observed at clinically depressed. At the same time, patients note dysfunction of various internal organs (eg, constipation, urinary retention, violation of potency). There is an increased weakness — in severe cases, people are unable to get out of bed.

The treatment of such disorders has been a neurologist or psychotherapist.

If you suffer from headaches and nerves need a selection of treatments, read an overview on the Naish website on «Nervous headaches» here.

Diseases of the joints and muscles: body aches

When joint inflammation occurs spasm of nearby muscles, pinched nerves — there is a pain. People with diseases of the joints and muscles of the shoulder girdle and neck are marked not only the aches throughout the body, and severe headache.

Similar symptoms observed in patients with lesions of the joints caused by systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Oncological diseases: body aches

Body aches, coupled with weak crop and chills may be the first sign of the presence of a malignant tumor in the body. The most common symptoms of cancer processes in the blood — lymphoma, leukemia.

Cancer rarely causes pain in the early stages. If a person has no apparent reason there is an increase or decrease in temperature, accompanied by great weakness and chills, it makes sense to consult with an oncologist.

Immunodeficiency: body aches

Such symptoms body aches are often observed in HIV-infected people and are one of the first signs of infection.

However, lowered immunity can be caused by less serious problems that may eliminate with proper treatment:

  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Prolonged hypothermia or overheating.
  • Taking certain medicines.

Thus, many serious and not very disease can cause body aches, along with a headache. This most often is due to this state of innocuous reasons: physical, emotional or mental fatigue, lack of sleep, exposure to cold and hunger. Good value and restore the usual mode of the day is the best resolve the problem.

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