Why smokers often suffer from cervical osteochondrosis

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It would seem that physicians already know almost everything about the harmful effects of tobacco combustion products on the human body — but, unfortunately, it is not … Scientists from the US for the first time found a higher risk of cervical degenerative disc disease osteochondrosis in smokers.

Degenerative changes in the tissues of the cervical vertebrae may be caused by several factors, among which are the major circulatory disorders and mineral metabolism. This disease manifests itself not only to the limited mobility of the cervical spine but also a very severe pain that may radiate to the shoulder and the elbow. In this case, the functionality is limited to the upper extremities of the patient and workability.

What is osteochondrosis and how it’s health?

Why smokers often suffer from cervical osteochondrosis

It has long been known that the harmful effects of tobacco smoke components are not limited to the respiratory organs and the cardiovascular system — penetrating through the blood to the organs and tissues of tobacco combustion products can strike in many different «parts» of the body.

A few years ago, it was proved the ability of tobacco combustion products increase the risk of neurological disorders of the lumbar spine, and now researchers from Emory University in the US city of Atlanta (Emory University in Atlanta) for the first time found that smokers face and cervical osteochondrosis.

Why smokers often suffer from cervical osteochondrosis

The authors of this study examined obtained by the method of computer tomography images of the cervical spine 182 volunteers. About half of them were active smokers.

Scientists have discovered that degenerative changes of the cervical vertebrae in cigarette lovers are much more common than non-participants in the experiment and were more pronounced.

«In this case, we can confidently assert that the substances contained in tobacco smoke, harmful act on the blood vessels that supply blood to the cervical spine, which was the cause of adverse changes in the vertebrae of smokers,» — said the head of the study Professor Mitchell Leavitt.

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