Why is strong child stomach pain after eating?

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Why is strong child stomach pain after eating?

If your strong child stomach pain after eating, none mommy will not sit still doing nothing. Of course, I want to help my child, so that he did not suffer and did not cry. But in order to do this, you need to find out the cause of strong child stomach pain. Pig George Has Tummy Ache after Eating Cake and Poops in the Toilet Candy Play Doh Peppa Pig Parody

Causes of strong child stomach pain

The fact that the child has a strong child stomach pain is a common occurrence. Therefore it is not always the nature of these ill effects can be dangerous. Very often this is due to the fact that the child quickly grasps the food, the air, overeat. Sometimes, flatulence and constipation can also cause strong child stomach pain.

If you have a very small child, he will not be able to tell and describe what kind of pain he feels. Therefore it is necessary in these cases as soon as possible to see a doctor.

For example, if the strong child stomach pain, it may indicate diseases: pancreatitis, appendicitis, peritonitis.

Frequent unbearable cramps say, as a rule, on a stomach ulcer, gallstones, or purulent inflammation.

Of course, the baby itself does not earn an ulcer, but we must remember and keep in mind that giving spicy, fried, acidic foods to children under three years old are prohibited. Otherwise, your child is provided with pancreatitis. Before this age food should be sparing and minimally detrimental to the body.

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It should be wary if, when strong child stomach pain accompanied by vomiting of bile. Bloating or enlargement can also talk about serious illness.

Sometimes strong child stomach pain may banal food poisoning. Therefore, before you give your child any food, be sure to look at the term of its validity. The best way to give organic vegetables, fruits, cereals without spices and various impurities. If the meat, it must be well cooked or steamed.

One of the common causes of strong child stomach pain — it is home preservation. It seems to be cooked at home. In fact, in the preservation of many preservatives (e.g., vinegar, citric acid), which is very irritating the stomach wall. Therefore, from such products should be abandoned.

Diagnosis and treatment of strong child stomach pain

The first thing you can do — to carry out palpation of stomach. Pay attention to the child’s behavior. If all the forces he will alienate your hands, cry and do not allow to touch the belly, it says that the pain he had very strong. With palpation you can only find out exactly where a strong child stomach pain. A diagnosis can only be a specialist.

Why is strong child stomach pain after eating?

Abdominal Pain After Eating

Before taking to the doctor, do not give your baby any medications and painkillers. It can only distort the true picture of strong child stomach pain. If you are going to treat the child at home, be sure to consult with your doctor, because he knows exactly what drugs are more forgiving for this age and whether treatment at home. For example, appendicitis or peritonitis treatment should only occur in a hospital.

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