Why I have back pain after sleeping?

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Back pain after sleeping is extremely unpleasant. We all hope for night to rest, to start a new day in a good mood and full of energy. But sometimes such a problem faced. For some, it is a single problem with awkward posture, such a situation is unpleasant, but it can accept. Much worse, if you encounter such a disaster every day.

Such a situation may indicate that developing osteochondrosis, for example. At this location and intensity of pain may be different to these symptoms often possible to determine the causes of back pain after sleeping.

What are the reason for back pain after sleeping?

So, what factors can cause back pain after sleeping? It should be noted that quite a lot of options, but they all have more or less typical symptoms. So.

Osteochondrosis of thoracic spine in early stages of disease manifests itself monotonous and not too intense pain that can «hold» round the day, including you fell back pain after sleeping.

As additional symptoms, you can specify what appears fatigue of back muscles, and pain intensity gradually increased, with the pain gradually spread around spinal column.

Degenerative processes of some groups of muscles of the back, which may start due to frequent stress, poor posture or being overweight. In this case the morning back hurts very much, but by mid-day back pain after sleeping gradually disappears due to the movement.

For example, with back pain after sleeping often encounter people who sleep fully outstretched legs. Excessive load on spine and back muscles of previous day. In this situation, the body simply does not have time to recover adequately.

Why I have back pain after sleeping?


Osteochondrosis of the cervical

The most characteristic symptom in this case is the most back pain after sleeping in the neck, head and the region between shoulder blades. Also, often there is a feeling of heaviness in the shoulders, while sleeping numb hands, with sharp turns of the head in front of the eyes appear «flies.»

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar

In this case, there back pain after sleeping, and the first time they appear periodically, and then the pain becomes constant. Characteristic features also fatigue, as well as increased back pain after sleeping at sharp movements, sneezing and coughing.

Asymmetrical muscle contraction and curvature of the spine

In this case, the mornings usually appears a sharp back pain after sleeping in the lower back or in the neck. The source of pain in such situations can serve as long muscle cramps, as well as spinal injury.

Also keep in mind that many wrongly picked up their mattress — it should not be too soft (in this case the spine is not necessary support, respectively, during the night, he does not rest, and running), but too hard mattress to be profitable (in this case the muscle forced back through the night to support spine in its normal position).

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