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Testosterone — what is it? How to make sure that the amount in the body is at a high level? Such questions are beginning to worry every man at some time in his life. Unfortunately, the need to increase testosterone occurs much sooner than we would like.

Testosterone is the male body in full control, the most direct impact on sexual activity, the state of the muscle tissue, organs and systems. Ultimately, the level of testosterone in the body affects the standard of living and career success of men

What is Testosterone?

For processes in the body which is responsible testosterone?

Hormonal «cocktail» in the male body is very diverse in the components, but a key element in it is testosterone. This hormone, like a traffic controller, controls the activity of the whole organism, reflecting not only on health but also on the way of thinking man, on his behavior in society, on the creative inclinations and energy potential. The value of testosterone for men can not be overemphasized.

Sometimes testosterone hormone called royal — successful male leaders who have achieved great influence in society, have never experienced problems with testosterone. Component largely determines the ability of a man to show initiative and to take full responsibility.

Why Does Testosterone Decrease

The lion’s share of the royal hormone is produced in the testicles unique cell structure, an open German physicians Leydig. Testosterone begins to be synthesized at the 23 th week of embryonic life. It is at this period it is possible to determine who has a couple — a boy or a girl. Embryos testosterone in male several times more.

As the existence of the male body, the amount allocated to the testicles of the hormone decreases. Unfortunately, to 35-50 years in the amount allocated to testosterone in most men reaches zero. Term of «male menopause,» depends on how strong was the release of testosterone initially. This process is sometimes referred to as andropause, and for many men it sounds like a death sentence.

The onset of andropause bring negative factors, in particular:

  • Vegetarianism
    Even in ancient times people knew that giving up eating meat leads to a gradual degradation of man. In men, meat deficit in the diet leads to a drop in cholesterol levels — an essential component in the formulation of testosterone. Of course, vegetarianism and fasting will not cause that man will soon lose libido, but his male power will fall repeatedly.
  • The presence of female hormones in the body
    Some of the stronger sex, the female hormone levels in the body is extremely high. And the blame for this is not the genes and lifestyle. A large number of beers, genetically-modified meat will not increase testosterone in the body. Brewer’s yeast — an excellent way to make a man a woman without surgery.
  • Climatic features
    Northerners suffer from a lack of vitamin B, which is involved in the production of testosterone. Some doctors believe that a violent sexual life on the southern resorts was associated with increased levels of the hormone as a result of the royal hot climate.
  • Abuse of alcohol
    Alcohol — the most ferocious enemy of the testicle. During the medical tests revealed that alcohol inhibits the production of the royal hormone. Containing products is dangerous because in the short period of time it increases the sex drive, but the price paid for this will be immediate and heavy. Again, a drunk person on the level rolls up to the animal, a male hormone that is not needed.
  • Nervous tension, stress
    Depressive states, mental shake negatively affect men’s health, which is reflected in the rapid formation of testosterone. Stress reduces the duration of human life. For example: a man took a large loan in the bank, and this debt has become a heavy burden for him. Of course, testosterone figures he will steadily decline. Weak hormone levels — weak capacity to repay the debt. Vicious circle.
  • Heating testicle
    As a contraceptive, some men use a special bath for heating the testes. This method allows you to make the sperm unable to reproduce, but it is detrimental impact on the body, particularly on the production of testosterone.
  • Tight shorts and swimming trunks
    The pulling together of underwear elastic materials — right path to infertility. This has been proven by employees of one of Italy’s leading research institutions. But fans of the so-called «family of cowards» men may be much longer. So everyone chooses — be a man in the family «truselyah» or pseudo-man in tight swimming trunks. Of course, exceed the dosage nelzya.
  • viral diseases. Urologic diseases caused by viral pathogens may reduce the rate of generation of testosterone. Especially dangerous in this respect, hepatitis and urethritis. Viral diseases cause around the world to reduce the quality of the male gene pool.

How to Boost Testosterone

The methods are simple and even obvious, but very effective.

  • Method one. adjustable diet

The well-known saying that the future of a person can be identified by its diet, quite rightly. The organism must be constantly fed with nutrients, most notably:

  1. minerals. Minerals — the major cellular material. In fact, it is the human body is built from the minerals. If a person experiences a deficiency of zinc, the testicles stop producing testosterone. Get the right amount of zinc can by eating fish, crabs, shrimp, squid, pumpkin seeds and a variety of nuts.
  2. different groups of vitamins. Without vitamins, people will exhaust, can not even perform a simple job. Not getting the right amount of vitamins, the body stops the generation of testosterone. First-class value for the synthesis of the hormone have a royal vitamins CEB, which are rich in citrus fruits, berries, nuts and oily fish.
  3. protein, carbohydrate foods, amino acids. These components are involved in all Bioprocess extending in humans. Most amino acids and proteins in meat. Medical experts agree — without meat, testosterone drops to near zero rates.
  • Method two. Unsubscribe from night life, adjust the mode of the day

Sex hormones are synthesized when an individual falls into a deep sleep. If a person suffers from lack of sleep, insomnia, any ways to increase the level of the royal hormone powerless. The dream of a healthy person has a duration of 7-8 hours without breaks and getting up.

  • The third way. Sports activities

Strength training with the «iron» — a great method to increase the synthesis of sex hormones. In addition, testosterone helps make the figure more manly and attractive to women. Of course, to sporting activities should be approached intelligently, without self-torture.

  • Method fourth. Achieving inner peace

Getting rid of stress and nervous tension doctors called an important step towards raising the royal hormone. Good mood, achievement in sports or in life thrown into the blood large doses of testosterone. Of course, the release of short-lived, but while maintaining a positive attitude, make-up will be permanent.

  • For best results, you need to combine the above methods.

What is the normal amount of testosterone for women?

Traditionally, testosterone is considered exclusively male prerogative, but we should not forget that it is contained in the female body, and not in the smallest amounts. The level of this hormone in women creates a voice tone, body type and the so-called libido.

In women, brooding boys, is not excluded in the release of testosterone in the blood when the hormonal exchange between mother and fetus. Hormone into the bloodstream, affects the mood of the expectant mother, to exchange useful components in her body and even sexual desire.

Medical science believes that testosterone in the female body should fluctuate at the level of 0,45-3,75 nmol / liter. This figure is considered the norm for women. For comparison, male testosterone is 10 times greater. If the index increased upward — a woman’s body will respond the best manifestations.

What is the normal amount of testosterone for men?

There are two basic ways to determine the level of the main sex hormone in men: a blood test and control external characteristics. When establishing this indicator should take into account that it is dynamic and constantly fluctuates throughout the day. Most of the testosterone in the male during the day, least of all — in the evening and night hours.

The standard amount is considered to be 11-33 nmol per liter. This evidence, and must be a man — and discounts on age should not be taken into account.


Medications which increase the production of testosterone

Pharmacology produces many products aimed at boosting production of royal hormone. Every athlete knows that anabolic steroids and increase the percentage of testosterone in the blood, make it easier to transfer the training and achieve better results. Other drugs have an effect that increases sexual libido. Here are the most effective drugs:

Tribulus terrestris

The drug, acting on a unique part of the brain that is responsible for the synthesis of sex hormones — pituitary. Therapeutic Corporation, which produces a tool that assures that it is based on only natural ingredients of plant origin. The drug is safe, non-addictive, has no effect on the body of negative impact. With the manufacturer agree Tribulus terrestris and athletes. Of course, you can not exceed the dosage of the drug.

Testosterone enanthate

The biologically active component used only masters of the power of sport. If a person has no large loads, it Testosterone enanthate is not needed. Tool released into the blood much androgen hormone, relieves pain during power operation, has an anabolic effect.

Testosterone undecanoate

The tool has virtually no side effects. Undecanoate has a mild androgenic effects on the body, without the oppression of testicular function. Harm of this drug does not cause a person. Undecanoate used to increase virility, but this pharmacological agent has no effect on muscle growth.

Materials of testosterone

About testosternona importance of talking doctors, athletes, fitness trainers. Famous doctor O. Butakova recorded a series of video lectures on male hormones. Lectures mixed with humor about men and nature. Butakova tried to tell you about the most complex problem in simple language, and that it has turned out.

video: The Truth About How to Boost Testosterone

  • Testosterone and DHT act on organs.
  • Causes development of secondary sexual characteristics
  • Inhibit secretion of LH and FSH by the pituitary gland, thus stops further testosterone production = negative feedback loop.
  • There exist androgen receptors in the pituitary and the hypothalamic neurons that bind to testosterone and signal to stop GnRH release

  1. Recently I started taking Tribulus Terrestris based tribestana. I have these pills prescribed in hospital. I have long noticed that the body that something is not right. Lethargy some appeared, apathy, quickly tired. The doctor said, do not have enough testosterone in the body. Prescription drugs, give advice on diet and sleep. Finally, I returned to the gym. Initially, the body resisted violently, but then things went. Now I feel very well.
  2. Tom, who has not yet manifested testosterone deficiency, it is better not to drink tablets and to follow the advice in this article. Many exercises that increase hormone levels. Yoga do, power sports, jogging. Vegetarianism — for evil men, without the meat really feel rag. And by the way, the so-called «pitching» and macho with huge muscles in the chest, often suffer from a decrease in libido in terms of interest to women. Here one has to choose — to send testosterone on muscle or on the sexual side. If testosterone in the body a lot — a man literally blooms. It is very important.
  3. Uou are wrong in the sense that the load impair libido. The more a man is engaged in the bar, the more it produces testosterone. After training starts synthesized endorphins — the hormone of happiness, and this is a direct way to women.

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