From what we have special pain all over body?

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When a person temperature rises, he complains of chills, fever, profuse sweating, and often — special pain all over body. For the diagnosis of the patient is recommended to measure the temperature in the morning and evening hours.

The doctor then examines the resulting schedule, paying attention to such factors as the temperature level, the amplitude of the vibrations of the day, periods of low and high temperatures, etc.

Each particular disease special pain all over body is characterized by fever, their schedule, and it is a significant indicator for the diagnosis. That is why all patients prescribed measurement of temperatures in the morning and in the evening (and in some cases, and more), no matter where they were treated — at home or in a hospital.

If you are being treated at home, write down on a piece of paper figures, which show your doctor.

Special pain all over body found in the following ailments:

1. The most common causes of special pain all over body are physical stress, trauma, and various infectious diseases (including acute respiratory infections and banal, and more serious illnesses — such as pneumonia). However, body aches and other conditions, the essence of which is not yet entirely known to modern medical science. The introduction of pathogens and our body causes a reaction of the immune system — inflammation. An inflammatory process, in turn, causes special pain all over body in the muscles.

From what have special pain all over body?

2. As a result of tick bites infected by various infections often special pain all over body. The danger posed to have ticks, is now much lower than before, but the catch is still possible. If you are bitten by a tick, and you have the following symptoms:

  • rash resembling blisters filled with a transparent substance;
  • redness around the sting site and elsewhere special pain all over body, you must seek medical advice. Sometimes a person does not notice a tick bite, but if you’re walking through the woods, and a few weeks after this appeared the listed symptoms should bother.

3. Special pain all over body may indicate any disease, blood (leukemia, lymphoma), or the presence of a malignant tumor.

4. There are also other states in which the special pain all over body. For example, the pathogenic process in the joints leads to the spread of special pain all over body to adjacent muscles. Similar disorders are observed, for example, connective tissue disorders (rheumatoid arthritis) or autoimmune diseases (lupus). Patient data attributes ailments may be expressed in greater or lesser degree. If the disease is implicit, it can be installed misdiagnosis.

From what have special pain all over body?

Obvious symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are as follows:

  • joints and surrounding tissue more sore in the morning, when the man rises from his bed and proceeds to business as usual;
  • after getting on the patient, after half an hour or an hour there comes relief.

Arthritis caused by degenerative disorders (osteoarthritis, doctors call them) are another sign — if their pain intensified to the end of the day.

5. Very often people suffering from infectious diseases, complain of weakness, body aches, aches in the joints, bones and muscles, headaches, restless sleep. From what it has penetrated the pathogen special pain all over body, how advanced the infectious process will depend on the severity of these symptoms.

From what have special pain all over body?

As a rule, infectious diseases accompanied by the fever higher than 37 degrees. However, there are some diseases in which the temperature is lower than normal, and other symptoms — lethargy, reluctance to move, cold sweat allocation — are present. These features are typical for the food poisoning, botulism.

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