What clothes is dangerous to health?

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Modern fashion dictates that this beauty should be a big chest, wasp waist, long slender legs … In an effort to get closer to the standard of beauty, many fashionable women choose clothes that will certainly create the right image, but it is injurious to health. And what sacrifices do not go only for the beauty of the girl?!

Dangerous clothes: Studs and high heels

Too high heels not only detrimental to health, but even dangerous. After the stud is displaced center of gravity of the female body, messing up your posture and increasing the risk of injuries and fractures. In addition, too high a heel holds the foot and calf muscles in constant tension and disrupts the normal circulation of legs. Therefore, these shoes can lead to venous insufficiency, and those who have already developed varicose veins, studs and completely contraindicated. Reasonable heel height, which can be harmful to health — it is 3-5 cm.

Dangerous clothes: Corsets

Waist corsets and lingerie, and dresses like inserts not only harm the body posture and the normal operation of the internal organs, but also seriously affect the blood flow to tissues and organs that are in the clamped condition. But the most important reason that should stop wearing corsets — it’s impossible to breathe in them!

Dangerous clothes: Narrow and tight jeans

For years, the fashion tight jeans, which, if you can pull over, it is only in the supine position. As in the last hit of a certain group — «On labutenah» … Of course, these jeans all unnecessary tighten and sculpting, but again suffers from the body. Peredavlivaya and compressing vessels, we thus blood circulation in the legs and pelvic area.

What clothes is dangerous to health?

Dangerous clothes: Push-up bra

This type of underwear is designed on the principle of corsets, which we discussed above. If today corsets are one, the push-up — every self-respecting girl and a woman. Indeed, thanks to this bra chest takes more seductive forms. However, the constant wearing of such clothes close can lead to curvature of the spine and trauma, poor blood circulation and even trigger breast cancer. According to statistics, wearing push-up increases the risk of cancer by as much as 20%!

Dangerous clothes: Belt

All kinds of straps and belts themselves — rather innocuous accessories. But if in the pursuit of a wasp waist, tighten more tightly, can harm the abdominal organs. After all, in the clamped state, they can not function normally. Again, blood circulation is impaired.

It is worth noting that there are natural herbal medicines that improve the elasticity of blood vessels, protect against blood clots and revitalizes the cardiovascular system as a whole, improving circulation. These Phyto include ginkgo biloba, green tea extract, and others. Before taking herbal remedies, consult with your doctor.

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