What can cause high blood pressure?

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Although hemorrhagic stroke or cerebral hemorrhage are less common than ischemic, their effects tend to be even more catastrophic. Scientists warn that one of the leading risk factors for the development of such a stroke is hypertension or as you know high blood pressure.

For every 100 cases of stroke, deadly ischemic attacks, ischemic strokes account for 85 and 15 hemorrhagic, which in everyday life is more often called «brain hemorrhage».

What is hemorrhage or high blood pressure in your life?

However, brain hemorrhage causes at least 40% of deaths caused by strokes, which indicates their increased risk.

What can cause high blood pressure?

But scientists from the US state of Ohio University in Cincinnati ( the University of Cincinnati in Ohio) found that hemorrhagic strokes threatened primarily for people suffering from hypertension who were not taking medications to reduce the pressure.

Researchers studied the health data 4646 residents of the state, of which half have suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

Data analysis revealed that compared to participants with normal blood pressure in participants with high blood pressure, which for one reason or another did not take antihypertensive drugs, the risk of brain hemorrhage was higher by an average of 9.5 times.

What can cause high blood pressure?

Regular use of drugs to control hypertension significantly reduced the risk, although it remained elevated compared to participants with normal blood pressure. In hypertensive patients, who controlled pressure with medication, the risk of hemorrhagic stroke was higher in 3,7-5,5 times.

The authors of the study stress that currently available to doctors there are dozens of drugs with different mechanisms of action and hundreds of combinations that reduce blood pressure to safe levels in almost all patients in need of such treatment.

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