What are the causes of pain in stomach after eating?

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One of the most common complaints of patients – pain in stomach after eating. Similar symptoms are present in a variety of diseases, therefore the diagnosis can only be qualified on the basis of the survey results.

The doctor, of course, knows exactly what functions are performed every organ of the human body, including the stomach. However, to reveal the reason for the pain in stomach after eating, not so simple. To do this you need to understand what can cause a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, and to eliminate the root cause of the disease.

How does stomach work?

During digestion the stomach performs a pivotal role, as the chewed food enters the stomach through the esophagus. It is in the stomach mixes the food and gastric juice-producing internal glands located in the mucous membrane and surrounded by muscle tissue. At night, these glands are able to produce from 2 to 3 liters of juice. At malfunction of the digestive system, pain in stomach after eating.

Gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid having an antibacterial effect and provides digesting ingested food. Furthermore, it has mucus protecting the mucous membrane and pepsin. All components are balanced at the slightest deviation from the norm due to the impact of unfavorable factors may occur after eating abdominal pain. The reasons for this are many.

  1. Eating oily and spicy food.
  2. Eating too cold or too hot food.
  3. Excessive eating.
  4. Ingestion of foods containing lactose (in the case of intolerance).
  5. Eating foods high in gluten.

It’s worth noting that the pain in stomach after eating can have a more serious nature, as serious diseases such as peptic ulcer, pilorospazm and intestinal ischemia as manifested by pain in stomach after eating.

Diagnostics pain in stomach after eating

To establish an accurate diagnosis possible, finding out the localization of pain in stomach after eating. Typically, pain in right stomach appear due to inflammation of the duodenum. Pain in the left side of the stomach — a sign of the presence of an ulcer or acute gastritis. After 2-3 hours after eating abdominal pain may indicate the occurrence of chronic pancreatitis. The nature of pain in the stomach after a meal is different, so the diagnosis is quite difficult.

Very often, the pain in stomach after eating is not only a symptom of certain diseases. It may well be accompanied by a rumbling stomach, nausea, sweating, and other unpleasant sensations. All the symptoms are important for diagnosis, so they should be to tell your doctor.

Pain at night and pain when a feeling of hunger appears 5 hours after the last meal, and have a tendency to grow. Upon receipt of calorie dense foods and beverages they weaken. This is quite normal and does not require treatment to the doctor.

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