Various Kinds of Health And Fitness Training To Work on Body

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What kind of health and fitness training is better to choose to work out individual problem areas?

You should give up power loads and pay attention to aerobic. It is with the help of various kinds of aerobics is easier to destroy the fat that hides wasp waist. Take care of any kind of sports, Latin dances or belly dancing. During school hours, Latina can get rid of 300 to 500 calories — and you might be forgiven a piece of cake with a cream or a large portion of ice cream. Belly dancing is made up of energetic work the thighs, their correct setting, smooth movements of the neck and head, sensual sagging back. Curvy shapes the body acquires in the processing of fat in muscle mass, and without the excessive bump, with thin lines.

Top list of the health and fitness training

If you like this heart become attached to a favorite gym that did not want to part with it, then at the next session, pay attention to the elaboration of the muscle and reduce the load on the lateral abdominal muscles. Naturally increasing because of the intensive training, they are added to the volume of unwanted centimeters waist.

Want your hips inspired poets? Their harmony you guarantee employment Cycle. These are not boring bikes, which you’re used to, but a whole group program simulates the movement of a hill on a hill, in difficult terrain or even on a vertical surface. Classic bike in terms of the impact on the muscles cannot be compared with the Cycle, where the different set of techniques: «home», «sit-down», «standing», «aggressive», etc. This also adds a wide palette speed. To increase the realism of the spirit and what is happening in the hall include and install large screens, creating the illusion of movement on the chosen route. In addition to the effect of overall weight loss, a strain on the muscles of the thighs: it helps get rid of cellulite and improve the shape of the feet. Just what you need!

Various Kinds of Health And Fitness Training To Work on Body

However Cycle — the type of health and fitness training that requires huge energy costs. He cannot come to you if you are not accustomed to giving all the best in training «in full» or you sickened two o’clock «mindlessly pedaling.» In this case, it makes sense to turn to yoga classes. They differ from the Cycle (and the majority of kinds of health and fitness training) is not only measured, calm and sure awareness of each movement. Automatism aerobics are not welcome. The main element here becomes a muscle stretch is extremely important for proper body shape. Enterprising health and fitness training trainers have long enjoyed yoga as an inexhaustible source of useful exercises. For example, familiar to you since childhood, «Birch» — not that other, as stand on the shoulders, has healing effect (when the body is in a position to significantly increased blood flow in the occipital region, which stimulates the brain centers and forging operation all organs and body systems, energizes).

The resiliency of the body can be returned via pampas — power aerobics mini barbell weight from 2 to 20 kilograms. It is performed non-stop for 45 minutes, to rhythmic music, but the dance elements are excluded. Instead of them are different presses, bending and squatting. The training effect is very high, but the pampas are recommended only physically prepared people.

Slide — another kind of power aerobics. In the particular shoe, you get up on a special smooth path length of 183 cm and a width of 61 cm and starts to slide on it. Performing exercises resembling motion skater a skier or a skater, you effectively pump up the buttocks. In addition, the slide trains the cardiovascular system, develops endurance, balance and agility, as well as strengthens the lead and allocating muscles of the legs. During the 30-minute workout on the slide burns 250 calories and weighs 68 kg.

Flabby muscles of hands? You opened the way to a popular Tai-bo (Thai boxing) or boxing aerobics.

Various Kinds of Health And Fitness Training To Work on Body

Box-aerobics — it is an imitation of boxing with special equipment — a doll that can peel under incendiary music. The increase in muscle mass in the arms directly proportional to the decrease of negative emotions in the soul: it is enough to imagine that this doll — your boss, offended by something husband betrayed girlfriend…

If you need a big load, choose the Tai boxing in the health and fitness training mode. This «dance with elements of battle» is much more energy-intensive and at the same time efficient than the classic aerobics. Each class includes several elements of yoga and breathing exercises.

Egg development is the main secret of beautiful legs. In order to achieve the desired good old will help you step-aerobics — a dance class with special platform devices, allow you to set the desired height. Simple movements tap and more than 200 kinds of lifting platform perfectly enhance the shape, particularly the shape of calves, shins, thighs, and buttocks. Using weights weighing about 2 kg, you can give the load on the shoulder girdle. The double-step — not on one but on two platforms at once — makes training for even greater variety.

It was established that in the same time step aerobics burns more calories than a dance. However, it has a significant drawback. Step aerobics overloading the knee and hip joints and thus creates a risk of injury to people suffering from a lack of calcium. A good alternative to this kind of health and fitness training is jogging workout.

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