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Ever since the discovery of the virus in 1892, mankind with varying success constantly struggling with these dangerous pathogens of many diseases, such as influenza, SARS, AIDS, measles, «pig» (mumps), viral hepatitis, polio, encephalitis, herpes and others. Among the latest achievements in this field — European pharmacists developed a new drug based on a natural, able to prevent the development of viral disease.

Viruses 2016 — a special form of life

Contrary to popular belief that all living organisms are composed of cells, viruses — is the smallest non-cellular particles whose size is measured in thousandths of a micron. They consist of the genetic material — the nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) and protein shell (capsid). Unlike bacteria that are full cellular organisms having their own metabolism (metabolism) and the ability to multiply (through cell division), viruses can not synthesize their own protein and independently reproduce. They use foreign cells, being thus cellular parasites. That lack of Viruses 2016 metabolism makes useless the use of antibiotics to combat them.

How do Viruses 2016?

Using a protein shell, which includes a special enzyme called neuraminidase, the virus attaches to a cell membrane of the victim. It is noteworthy that for each type of virus has its own preferences. For example, influenza virus and SARS «choose» the cells of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, herpes virus — nerve tissue, and the AIDS virus prefers to immune cells. Neuraminidase activity helps the virus enters the cell and facilitates the release of newly formed viral particles.

Use Altabor against Viruses 2016

Attach to the cell membrane of the victim, the virus introduces its genetic material into the cell and uses its enzyme system for the synthesis of viral proteins, of which «collects» the new virus particles — virions, and millions of copies. Then, the host cell is destroyed and the newly created Viruses 2016 continue their dirty work, affecting more and more new cells, thus causing disease progression. In addition, the virus released into the environment, infecting new hosts.

In fairness it should be noted that there are «good» Viruses 2016 settle in bacteria — bacteriophages. They destroy the bacterial cells that can be used such Viruses 2016 in noble combat bacterial diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery and so on. However, now experts do not celebrate notable advantages of this method to antibiotics, but studies on this issue, actively continuing.

The immune response

Of course, the body, attacked Viruses 2016 cannot stand idly by as the malevolent aliens destroy his precious cells. Sooner or later, it attacked the body detects the danger and begins to produce antibodies that recognize and destroy the invaders. To do this, there are a set of organs and tissues — the immune system. The organs of the immune system include: bone marrow, the thymus (thymus), spleen, lymph nodes. Furthermore, in the immune system also includes nasopharyngeal tonsil, numerous lymphoid nodules located in mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory tract, and a number of body tissues.

All of the «components» of the immune system are divided into humoral and cellular link. To a humoral link include antibodies (immunoglobulins) dissolved in serum and on mucosal surfaces. The cellular unit consists of special immune cells. Both managers working together, performing various functions.

At the level of cellular immunity by cytotoxic T lymphocytes, macrophages and NK-cells (natural killer cells), the body is protected from viruses 2016, bacteria, intracellular bacteria, tumors (modified own cells), as well as grafts, which are also foreign tissue.

This is a complex and interesting process, the organization of which may be compared with the actions of perfectly prepared army, where each branch flawlessly performs certain tasks. For example, cytotoxic T-lymphocytes with specific receptors on the surface are able to recognize the body’s own cells and foreign proteins by specific toxicants kill the affected cell. Just «work» and NK-cells but they react to common antigens and are therefore much earlier than lymphocytes.

Macrophages regulate the increase in the number (proliferation) lymphocytes destroy tumor cells, viruses 2016 and some bacteria, as an additional type of cells involved in immune response.

In order to provide humoral immune system produces interferons — a special group of proteins which are not only struggling with their own malicious microorganisms and malignant tumors, but also activate other protective factors cellular level.

How viruses 2016 «fooling» the immune system?

It would seem that so wisely organized protection body has successfully resist any «aggression». But it is not that simple. Although the immune system has «memory» (on which the action is based and preventive vaccinations), it can not always identify the aggressor. The fact that viruses 2016 can mutate, mutate. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in relation to the influenza virus, which in a relatively short time was modified so many times.

Some types of viruses 2016, once in the human body, remain there for life. These properties are, for example, herpes viruses 2016, HIV and papillomavirus. They alternate the active phase of reproduction, which is manifested exacerbation of the disease, and latent, «latent» phase, when the virus is in the infected cells, does not prove itself. In latent state the virus is not available for either the immune system or for pharmaceuticals.

With regard to the human immune system, it also does not always work perfectly. As a result of poor lifestyle, bad environment and other factors, there are failures in the work of the immune system. And then come to the aid of medication.


Even a simple enumeration of antiviral drugs would have taken more than one page. Many of these drugs are targeted to fight with various viruses 2016, which, from a set of nucleic acids, require their own specific means. But intended to protect against viruses 2016 means acting on one of the following principles:

  • Stimulation of the body’s own defense;
  • Violation of the structure of new viral particles (acting in this way means by the similarity of its composition to the material of the virus embedded in its genetic basis, making new viral particles defective, unable to defeat the healthy cells);
  • Impeding penetration of the virus into the cell (the ability to solve this problem the drug acts on a protein coat (capsid) and prevents the virus virion disconnects from the capsid and enters the cell).

If the virus has entered the cell, the only way to deal with it — is the destruction of diseased cells with «outsiders.» On the one hand, it certainly does not allow the virus to multiply and affect other cells, but on the other hand, the destruction of their own cells — is not the best way. So far preferable to prevent the virus into the cell, and the creators of the drug specifically to this aim.

Altabor — natural antiviral drug

The most serious attention of specialists attracted by the influenza virus — because of its prevalence. According to statistics, during epidemics of influenza are ill and 25% of the population. Of course, it makes to give the fight against the virus enormous strength and resources worldwide. Do not stay aside and Kiev scientists and experts. Their joint efforts on chemical-pharmaceutical plant established drug Altabor. Work on the creation of the drug was more than 10 years, and conducted clinical trials have shown its effectiveness.

A remarkable feature of the drug is that it is based on natural plant material — stems of alder and alder adhesive.

Generally older deserves a separate description. This is one of the medicinal plants of our band! It has long been in folk, and the official medicine used in almost all parts of the plant. Thus, for example, leaves, stems and bark of alder is widely used, for colds, rheumatism, gout, etc. During the Great Patriotic War, stems alder began to apply as a good astringent for gastric diseases, acute and chronic enteritis and colitis. Decoctions and infusions of cones used for gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, acute and chronic inflammation of the small and large intestines, diarrhea, food poisoning, dysentery, goiter after antibiotic use. Because of these properties of older raw materials produced a variety of medical treatments for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Use Altabor against Viruses 2016

But recently, scientists have been able to establish an inquisitive and antiviral effect alder cones. The fact that they contain ellagitannins (derivatives of ellagic acid), which is characteristic of anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant activity. This discovery prompted the local pharmacists to create a fundamentally new drug Altabor.

High efficacy due to the fact that it operates in two «anti directions.» Firstly, it is an inductor (ie activate the «production») of interferon — the main weapon in the fight against viruses 2016. Secondly, the active ingredient is an inhibitor Altabora (‘suppressor’) neuraminidase i.e. It depresses the key enzyme providing for viral entry and exit from it new viruses 2016. In addition, the high antioxidant activity Altabora strengthens cell membranes, reducing inflammation.

It is noteworthy that not only Altabor tested on influenza viruses 2016, but also on herpes viruses, and even HIV, thus showing promising results.

Altabor: from theory to practice

In clinical trials, it was found that Altabor well tolerated in single and course doses and does not cause side reactions (which, unfortunately, is largely common to many, especially synthetic, drugs).

The main difference from many of antiviral drugs (including widely publicized in the midst of an epidemic of «swine» influenza drugs oseltamivir) is that Altabor can be used as a preventive measure, while oseltamivir is effective only in diagnosing the disease. Furthermore, it has no effect on the induction of cellular interferon. Side effects of drugs oseltamivir so dangerous that doctors insist on their use only by prescription (and controlled by) the doctor, while Altabor — agent Valium.

Finally, the drug significantly more affordable their foreign «colleagues»: its price in pharmacies is several times lower.

Altabor is most effective at a time when the symptoms of influenza or SARS just beginning to show. Therefore, it is advisable to always have it in the home medicine cabinet, so as not to miss the beginning of the disease. Time plays a crucial role.

For the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections it should take two tablets three times a day for 7 days, before meals. The main thing — do not swallow and dissolve.

When emergency prevention (the first signs of a cold or after contact with sick) — 1 tablet every two hours (up to 6 tablets / day).

The mechanism of antiviral action Altabora is the induction of interferon synthesis and inhibition of neuraminidase activity of influenza virus.

The drug is recommended to use in adults and children from 14 years. However, recall that a responsible attitude to their own health involves avoid self-medication. Therefore, like any other medicine, Altabor better to take doctor’s advice. Be healthy!

Attention! Self-medication can be dangerous to your health.

Before the drug can side effects: allergic reactions in patients with hypersensitivity to the drug.

Before application, one should read the instructions and consult a doctor.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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