Sign & Symptoms of Magic, Jinn Possession and Eye Evil, Sleepwalking? There Is Treatment

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Sign & Symptoms of Magic, Jinn Possession and Eye Evil. Sleepwalking? There Is Treatment. Signs, symptoms of black magic, jinn or evil eye related problems. Frequent sleepwalking in children — a phenomenon quite common, requiring parental vigilance. Frequent sleepwalking in children cannot ride — disease is not dangerous, but walking in his sleep, the child may be injured accidentally. Before you treat frequent sleepwalking in children, it is better to consult a pediatrician, but can turn to traditional medicine, to try to apply some of the techniques in practice.

 sleepwalking in children Sign & Symptoms of Magic, Jinn Possession, Eye Evil

Sign & Symptoms of Magic, Jinn Possession, Eye Evil and sleepwalking

Frequent sleepwalking in children (or somnambulism scientifically) is very frequent — almost 15% of children «sleepwalk».

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In order to understand, which is why there are Frequent sleepwalking in children, need examination and consultation neurologist and psychologist, as sleepwalking can be not only symptomatic (resulting neuron infections or other lesions of the brain), idiopathic (ie. E. Occur due to some failures or chromosomal disorders of metabolism), and neurotic — related to some stressful situation.

Recommendations how to cure frequent sleepwalking in children

Use the recommendations of how to cure frequent sleepwalking in children, some of them will be very effective. When the Frequent sleepwalking in children is desirable:

  • restrict the child’s psycho-emotional stress (especially not allowing him to watch «horror» on TV, not allowed to play at bedtime computer games);
  • create a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom with the help of essential oils (especially chamomile, mint, lemon balm, geranium or sandalwood oil), spraying or using them as a fragrance to linens. Good for this smell of lavender (you can enclose a normal pillow with lavender pillows);
  • child drink special potions: the roots of mugwort (100 g per 0.5 liters of water to insist within 10 days, drain and allow to drink 1 glass for 1 hour before meals three times a day);
  • in the treatment of Frequent sleepwalking in children can prepare infusions of reeds (3 forest grass reeds need to insist in hot water 40-50 minutes, then strain and drink half a cup before bedtime);
  • dramatically reduce intake «lunar» child salty foods in the afternoon, and eliminate fluid intake after 6-7 pm.

Advice on how to treat frequent sleepwalking in children

Many parents give it the old-fashioned bedside «lunatic» trough filled with water. However, this is not the best way, because the rude awakening of the child, what is happening at a time when he puts his feet in cold water, can scare him and lead to a further strengthening and frequent manifestations of sleepwalking. Effective advice on how to treat long sleepwalking in children — stele near the bed wet mat.

Those who do not know how to get rid of frequent sleepwalking in children, sometimes advise a very crucial way. If the child sleeps in a separate room, and the parents are afraid that during sleepwalking he can hurt yourself, then you can bind him by the hand to the bed with an elastic bandage. But in order not to frighten the child, all you need to take the form of games (for example, a teenager may be offered to play Prisoner of If Castle — Edmond Dantes, the future Count of Monte Cristo — in this case, the bandage will act as a circuit on which sits the famous prisoner) .

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