Top 9 Myths About Colds and Flu 2016

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To cure a cold or the flu 2016, as well as to protect your body from seasonal illnesses, it is important to know what «medicine» works and what — the national fiction.

The flu 2016: Honey — the miracle cure

Honey is really useful. But, alas, from viral infections, he cannot spare. But to help reduce the severity of the disease. Only consider Honey — a strong allergen.

The flu 2016: The cause of the disease — hypothermia

Top 9 Myths About Colds and Flu 2016

Confusing! Colds and flu — caused by viruses, and the cold and drafts — only additional factors that weaken the immune system.

The flu 2016: During his illness to be hard to eat

Digestion of severe protein or fat food requires too much energy, which is necessary for the body to fight viruses. During his illness in the diet need easily digestible foods: fish, vegetables, fruit, vegetable broth.

The flu 2016: When SARS need antibiotics

Dangerous delusion! Antibiotics are useless against viral infections. The use of antibiotics when they are not needed, causing serious injury. In addition, it leads to the growth of bacteria that are resistant to these drugs.

Pay attention! If a viral infection is now bacterial, in this case, it is possible to resort to antibiotics. But only under medical supervision.

The flu 2016: With a cold drink help

Alcohol dilates blood vessels and warms. But it is not necessary to resort to this method of treatment since alcohol is a serious blow for the immunocompromised.

The flu 2016: The temperature needed to shoot down

An increase in temperature is an important protective function of the body, which is trying to cope with the virus. Use antipyretics necessary only if the temperature rises above 38.5 degrees.

The flu 2016: Bath and sauna destroy infection

If you are already sick, these procedures will only weaken your body. But bath and sauna are very effective for the prevention of colds.

The flu 2016: Against viruses’ best vitamin C

Top 9 Myths About Colds and Flu 2016

According to experts, the constant intake of vitamin C prevents the development of SARS by only 10%. But if a cold has already started receiving ascorbic acid reduces the duration of illness.

The flu 2016: Vaccination is the best prevention of influenza

During periods of cold and flu epidemics 2016, the best prevention is the use of protective masks in public places. In second place is washing nasal saline and preservatives. In third place — hardening of the body which enhances the immune system and the body’s resistance to viral infections. It was only the fourth — vaccination.

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