TOP 8 causes of fatigue and how to deal with it

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Some daily habits cause fatigue and stress. If you feel that you are leaving the forces, try to deal with these TOP 8 causes of fatigue. By the way, they also can cause depression and nervous breakdowns.

TOP 8 causes of fatigue: a little drink

The daily rate of water for an adult is 2 liters. Its reserves are spent quickly because the moisture needed to maintain vital body functions. The more water you drink, the more quickly replenished the water balance, and that gives you strength and energy.

TOP 8 causes of fatigue: missing training

Even if the end of the day or in the morning after you wake up you feel tired, do not give up on exercise. You can reduce the intensity and load during the occupation, as well as to reduce it from hour to 30-40 minutes. However, to completely abandon the sport only in the event of illness. A slight discomfort after exercise scattering.

TOP 8 causes of fatigue:  you do not have enough iron

TOP 8 causes of fatigue and how to deal with it

Impotence, irritability, and black eyes show not only the lack of sleep. Often these symptoms are reporting a shortage of iron in the body. This trace element is responsible for the level of hemoglobin and oxygen supply of the internal organs. Because stress for increasing the body needs iron. It can be found in apples, buckwheat, beans, spinach, beets, and liver.

TOP 8 causes of fatigue: skip breakfast

Breakfast — the most important meal. If you missed it, the activity and the strength to leave you for the whole day. Also, no breakfast slows metabolism, which means that the lack of energy will be your friend and will always want to eat something sweet.

TOP 8 causes of fatigue: tend to exaggerate

Often the symptoms of chronic fatigue are fear, anxiety and panic. They, in turn, can be caused by a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. You need to reduce the anxiety and stop worry about nothing, and then you will understand that life is easier than you thought before.

TOP 8 causes of fatigue: strive for the ideal

Often innate perfectionism makes us work fully. And everything is good, that’s the only goal you set us sometimes unattainable. And it does not lead to any result other than stress, fatigue and disappointment. To find the time to relax, put a time frame, and do not work overtime.

TOP 8 causes of fatigue: you use your phone in bed

If you want to check email or browse social networks do it before you go to bed to bed. Since backlit smartphone adversely affects the nervous system and can cause irritability and insomnia.

 TOP 8 causes of fatigue: alcohol in the evening

Alcohol should be consumed at least 3-4 hours before bedtime hours. Since it contributes to the development of adrenaline, and it, in turn, deteriorates the quality of sleep. Because not zealous with wine at a party later.

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