TOP 7 physical health hazards posed by electronic devices

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I often write about the need for a digital detox, about the fact that the excessive use of gadgets spoils the quality of sleep and psychological harm to health: we have «deformed» relationships with other people, reduced sense of happiness, self-esteem. And recently I have found material on the TOP 7 physical health hazards associated with digital devices.

Here are seven real physical consequences that can result from too prolonged use of electronic devices. Do not forget about them, sitting up with a phone in his hand.

1. TOP 7 physical health: The cyber disease

Also known as digital seasickness. Symptoms range from headaches to nausea and may occur when fast scrolling pages on a smartphone or viewing the dynamic video on the screen.

TOP 7 physical health hazards posed by electronic devices

Physical health: The cyber disease

This feeling is the result of a mismatch between sensory inputs, told The New York Times Steven Rauch, medical director of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Balance and Vestibular Center, professor of otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School. Digital motion sickness can happen to anyone, even though studies show that the more it affects women than men. Those who suffer from migraines are also more susceptible to it.

2. TOP 7 physical health: «Text claw»

A tireless author of the post and all kinds of texts often overtakes «text claw» — the so-called informal pain or cramps in the fingers, wrists, or arms after intensive use of the smartphone. Any physical activity can cause pain in the tendons and muscles if a particular work is done repeatedly, so if you do not release the phone from the hands, you probably experience discomfort in the hands and forearms.

To prevent this pain, you need to reduce the time of device usage. But there are ways to relieve the pain, even if for some reason you can not permanently break away from the smartphone. Can help massage, stretching, warming up and cooling.

3. TOP 7 physical health: eye fatigue

Do You look at the screen for hours on end? Any activity that requires active use of — driving, reading and writing — can induce eye fatigue. The use of digital devices for long periods of time can lead to inflammation, irritation and dryness of the eyes, headache, and fatigue, which in turn reduces our productivity.

In most cases, eye strain is not serious and can be corrected «screen breaks.» Experts propose to make a break for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Go through the room view or look out the window. If you feel dry eyes, use moisturizing drops.

4. TOP 7 physical health: «Text neck»

Like «text claw» syndrome «text neck» — discomfort in the neck and spine — occurs when you spend a long time looking at the smartphone.

Of course, we live in an era of obsession with smartphones. And according to experts, the angle at which our heavy head tilted down, forcing the spine to withstand the weight of about 27 kilograms. The habit may lead to the fact that medical care will require your spine at a young age. Think about how your neck is bent, when you look in the phone and go back to a vertical position — it will help reduce the risk of neck and spine.

TOP 7 physical health hazards posed by electronic devices

According to some scientific data, the heat emanating from the tablets and laptops can damage sperm. In one study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, researchers have found that the storage of semen samples for laptop reducing its motility, or the ability of sperm to move and led to extensive damage DNA — both factors can reduce the chances of reproduction.

6. TOP 7 physical health: Car Accident

Deaths of pedestrians in traffic accidents occur more often because too many smartphone users are distracted and do not follow the road (sometimes this also applies to drivers). Being in a virtual world, many of us lose the sense of reality in the physical world: researchers claim that distracted pedestrians on the phone take longer to cross the street, a pedestrian pays less attention to traffic signals, and generally on the traffic situation.

7. TOP 7 physical health: Overeating

Do not the phone itself leads to overeating, but it has a negative impact on our eating habits. Studies show that viewing beautiful pictures with the image of high-calorie food can trigger food cravings and increases appetite. If you fall into this trap food, unsubscribe from the accounts from which you come to these provocative photos.

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