Top 7 Little-Known Facts About Cancer 2016

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Despite the fact that cancers are often diagnosed in these days, but the first mention of the disease found in ancient Egyptian manuscripts. With many myths associated with cancer 2016 and some of the facts is so doubtful that I cannot believe in their authenticity.

Top 7 facts about cancer 2016

  1. Cancer — the most ancient diseases as mentioned earlier, the first mention of cancer found in ancient Egyptian papyri, which are more than 4,000 years! In one such case was referred to the manuscripts «swelling of the breast,» which was not subject to cure. It is logical to assume that he was talking about breast cancer.
  2. Communication of aging and cancer 2016 is increasing every year, not only the number of cases of cancer detection but increasingly diagnosed young people. Scientists suggest that the main reason for this — the deteriorating ecology and modern lifestyle. However, the cause of cancer 2016 is still not revealed.
  3. «3 hours for breast cancer» to the 70s in the US operation radical mastectomy (which removes the breast, muscles, and regional lymph nodes) was carried out more than 40 thousand women. At that time, biopsy and surgery were performed one time (a difference of a few minutes). MD Susan Love explains that in those days a woman could understand if she had cancer 2016 at the time. If passed after waking up 3:00, then the tumor was malignant, and doctors removed the breast, and a 1 hour, chest remained intact because the tumor is benign.Top 7 Little-Known Facts About Cancer 2016
  4. The opening of Bernard Fisher, Bernard Fisher suffered a lot of criticism from the medical community when he proposed to hold a lumpectomy (surgery for partial removal of the breast). Fischer has been called «the most hated by the surgeon in the history of mankind.» It took years to convince other physicians that the survival rate of the partial removal of the breast is the same as when completely removed in the early stages of cancer 2016.
  5. Cancer and genetic inheritance Numerous studies scholars have shown that only certain types of cancer run one or two mutated genes. As for other types of cancer, in their development takes part 10, 20 or 100 genes that have been modified for various reasons, and this led to the development of cancer.
  6. Vaccines against cancer 2016 exist although doctors testing new drugs promising the cure for cancer, but 90% of them do not operate. A series of preclinical studies is held only 10% of drugs and clinical studies — total less.
  7. Over the past 20 years no major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer 2016. Treatment of cancer in the last 20 years has not changed. People still undergoing chemotherapy and surgery.
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