Top 6 of the rules slim girl

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These simple rules will help you keep the fit slim girl.

Want to know how to always be the slim girl and toned girl? We have collected 6 effective tips to help you feel your body in shape without much effort and turn exercise and proper diet in life.

The most impotent rules slim girl

 Top 6 of the rules slim girl

  • Get used to taking daily douches. Besides the fact that it strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves the color and tone of the skin, sudden changes in water temperature also accelerate the metabolism that allows you to eat later and did not recover. Also, douche helps to improve blood circulation and removes cellulite.
  • Turn fitness into a hobby, fun, exciting activities. Try sometimes taking breaks from work and to engage in physical activity. For example, after 2 hours of continuous work at the computer, get up, mash, sit down or shake the press and return to the monitor. An hour later, again perform any exercise. Waste of calories becomes a habit.
  • To look smart, but sex and avoid the increase of muscle bulk, train 2-3 times a week, and after each workout stretching sure to follow. It does not allow your muscles to grow in breadth.
  • Do not overdo it with passion bath and sauna. Hot air is not conducive to getting rid of fat, it only displays the body of moisture, due to which the alleged weight loss occurs. The water is returned within 2-3 hours in its place, so baths and saunas are sometimes useful for the skin and blood vessels, but they lose weight, alas, does not help. By the way, do not forget to drink plenty of clean water without gas or green tea when soared in the sauna.

 Top 6 of the rules slim girl

  • Drink more green tea. It is a natural antioxidant that cleanses the body, nourishes it and removes toxins from the toxins. A few cups of green tea a day can help to dull hunger, cleanse the body and soothe. This drink is ideal after intense workouts.
  • Blunt the feeling of hunger is possible by means of physical activity. It works on two principles: first, physically — the brain and organs after the «shake-up» is not ready to accept food, and secondly, psychologically — after sweat and work hard on yourself, do not want to destroy the result of excess calories. However, consider that the more you train, the more you need to eat because you need to replenish depleted energy.

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