TOP 5 Food Regulations from the top models

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Beauty and perfect body models — it’s not just good genes, but also the long, hard work on himself. The basic TOP 5 Food Regulations principles are simple: a lot of mannequins exercise and eat right. Their dietary habits have become precepts for every girl who dreams about slim and fit body.

TOP 5 Food Regulations: Whole grain carbohydrates to breakfast

TOP 5 Food Regulations from the top models

All models, athletes, nutritionists and the adherents of a healthy lifestyle in one voice say the best breakfast — oatmeal. Oatmeal gives vigor and energy, nourishes the body with all necessary nutrients, is easily digested and accelerates metabolism. That morning, setting the pace throughout the day, so breakfast should be wholesome, useful and at the same time light so that you can flutter better than the angels Victoria’s Secret.

TOP 5 Food Regulations: Prepare your own

To always stay slim, you must forever forget about fast food. And to prevent famine wear with a useful snack. It can be as full meals, snacks and small nuts, fruits or dried fruits. Remember that, biting somewhere away from home, you do not know the present number and properties of the ingredients involved in the cooking. Because whether it carefully and follow the composition of what appeared to you on a plate.

TOP 5 Food Regulations: Drink green juices and smoothies

These drinks are very useful after the morning training — they give the body vitality with vitamins and gently cleanse. Besides, green juices are able to improve mood and positive effect on the immune system.

TOP 5 Food Regulations: Feel your body

It is not necessary to exclude from the diet of an entire group of products: proteins, fats or carbohydrates. The body needs each of them. Because listen to their wishes and needs, and eat what you want at the moment. The main thing is small portions.

TOP 5 Food Regulations: Excluded from the diet of sugar

This is a very important rule diet of top models — they should not consume sweets. Leave the candy, chocolate in a past life, in the struggle for a new body of new rules. Accustomed to drinking coffee and tea without sugar and get rid of bad sugar and empty calories.

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