TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing

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Today we are reading about TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing, he’s Muay Thai, today — a new sports trend among modern women.

Traditionally in Thailand, women were not allowed to enter the ring, and female TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing is completely absent. This was due to superstition, that the presence of women consuming force fighters, making them more susceptible to injury, and puts a spell on the ring itself.

Things began to change in the late 1990s — with the popularity of TOP 4 reasons engages Thai boxing all over the world. Women became engaged in Thai boxing for self-defense and to lose weight, the number of women who want to watch the fighting has increased. Among women competitions of regional, national and international levels. Some federations compile and publish ratings of the best women TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing.

How is the first class?

In the first lessons, the coach introduces dealing with the main types of attacks, which are then practiced individually to automatism. Sparring or working in pairs only begins after working all movements, with each of the participants in sparring — a partner, not an adversary. Systematic studies and work with a partner form and perfecting conditioned reflex reaction, allowing to overcome the psychological barrier (to reduce the level of fear), which is shown during a fight, or in any other extreme conditions. It promotes self-esteem and a positive effect on confidence.

«Elbow wins fist, knee and leg wins» — says one of the basic principles of Thai boxing. It melees knees and elbows are the most dangerous to the enemy. All the movements used in TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing, fairly easy to learn and carried out by both men and women.

TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing

Thai boxing provides aerobic exercise for the whole body, which contributes to the care of excess weight and to tone the muscles of the body. This load is created by performing specific exercise duration (typically from 2 to 5 minutes) and regimented pause rest (1 minute)

Exercises aimed at the formulation and improvement of techniques of Muay Thai (working out attacking, defensive and counterattacking actions without a partner in the mirror, and with a partner without gloves and gloves, improving techniques of Muay Thai on the bags, and with the coach on the «legs» and pads).

Work with a partner on the instructions of the trainer aimed at improving the technical and tactical skills, from a strictly metered contact (for example, one partner performs a combination of straight left, right low kick. The second — the protection of bias unit shin counterattack straight right, left Middle-a kick) .

Exercises to develop speed, power qualities and endurance (running for short and long distances, different exercises with the stamp, barbell, dumbbell, weights, rubber, medicine Ball, rope, pears, bags and other projectiles).

For those who are willing to check their stress and psychological capabilities, the training program included conditional voluntary fights and sparring, which involved may test the effectiveness of the skills acquired in the process of exhausting workouts.

So why are girls TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing?

After classes, Thai boxing girls can feel more confident in extreme situations and learn how to protect not only themselves but also others. TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing — a variety of strokes using the hands, feet, elbows and knees.

During exercise, the body experiences different types of loads that result in weight loss, slim and fit figure, wellness and tone.

Sport — the best psychologist. In the gym, you can throw out the emotions, playing on fear; get rid of aggression and stress. Concepts such as «depression» and «Melancholia», withdraw from life forever.

Thai boxing — a form of martial arts, which is based on elements of boxing, karate, and kickboxing, which gives the opportunity to get acquainted with other types of martial arts.

As practice shows, it’s best to deal with TOP 4 reasons engage Thai boxing shorts and a T-shirt. At the same time for greater efficiency and safety for beginners, you must have boxing gloves, pads on the feet and mouth guard to protect the teeth and lips. For a more advanced level want a boxing helmet, vest to protect the torso, elbow pads, knee pads, and a bandage to protect the groin.

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