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Just over a minute in the lower back may lodge a terrible back pain, and it is — our fee for evolution.

Ouch! Oh! A harmless motion, tilt, rotation of the body and has been impossible to straighten up, turn around, bend over. Just over a minute in the lower back can settle monstrous pain, overshadowed all the vital plans and derailing plans for the near future. Alas, it happens frequently and with many of us. This — our fee for evolution. The fee for the ability to walk upright. Is another way?

Let’s face it. Every moment of our body feels the effect of gravity. Our spine is literally squeezed when we are working in the office sitting at the table. Our spine suffers from shaking while riding in a truck. And he also, our long-suffering backbone experiencing tremendous overload when we unknowingly incorrectly bent down to tie his shoes.

Weakness, numbness of limbs — symptoms that should not be ignored. What if you «lumbago» in the back or settled sustained painful severity? It should be examined in the MRI and identify the nature of pain. And then have to act in accordance with the recommendations of experts. But it is better not to bring her back to this state. Make it not so difficult. To do this, try to carry out simple rules, which we state in a dozen points.

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TOP 10 tips Back pain: how to avoid suffering Health & Fitness

  1. Tip Back pain: Move

Keep your body in healthy settings, control weight, let your body regular exercise, avoid a sedentary lifestyle, in order to prevent the weakening of the muscles of the back and the associated risk of injury. The more you are on the move and the more active, the healthier you are.

  1. Tip Back pain: a «cancer sticks»

The nicotine contained in cigarettes, violate water balance in the intervertebral discs, making them fragile and vulnerable. This is another reason to give up the habit.

  1. Tip Back pain: Keep your back straight

Throughout the day, we have to sit for long periods. Therefore, monitor the position of the back when sitting. The computer screen is located almost at eye level, slightly tilted upward. The level of the chair seat should be such that the legs comfortably bent at the knees at an angle of 90 °.

  1. Tip Back pain: Take breaks if you have to sit for a long time

Regular short breaks are better than one long break. Every half hour or an hour to get up to a couple of minutes’ walk and take the stress off the spine, which inevitably arises during prolonged sitting.

  1. Tip Back pain: Minimize the use of a laptop and a phone

The notebook is the worst in terms of ergonomics invention. Mobile phones in this regard are not much better, as using a mobile phone, we can not help turn her head, which leads to sustained tension in the neck. If possible, use a phone headset.

  1. Tip Back pain: Strengthen your lower back. Create a muscular corset

«Rock» press. Combine twisting in the abdominal muscles (abdominal wall muscles) and stretching exercises (hyperextension).

  1. Tip Back pain: And whether you sleep?

Sleep should be on the side on a flat rigid surface. This posture «embryo» allows you to release tension from the back. Pillow, the position between the legs, knees to relieve tension. The most incorrect posture — is sleeping on your stomach. This posture increases the tension in the spine.

  1. Tip Back pain: Do not ignore the signals

If you have pain for the first time, you may be able to do business as usual, and then, overcoming pain and discomfort. But in the good, in this case, it is necessary to give the rest back and take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. But if you still feel numbness, weakness, and pain gives up — be sure to contact your doctor and be diagnosed.

  1. Tip Back pain: Avoid certain movements and types of load

Try not to bend over as far as possible keep the back upright. If you are in the gym, do not do bench presses in the vertical axis, move the weight squats, presses shoulders, twisting to the press. Do not run.

  1. Tip Back pain: Speed up the healing process

If the pain in the back allows you to move, give back the opportunity to work in safe mode. Walk on foot or take a swim. This will unload the spine without the risk of deterioration.

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