Three major mistakes in the treatment of a cough

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The disease usually begins with a dry treatment of a cough.

At treatment of a cough have several stages, stages:

  1. Dry (unproductive). With his illness usually begins. He was even so called «an initial cough.» The virus resides in the body, and you cough from tracheitis. At this time there is no phlegm, mucus is small, you cough due to irritation in the trachea and throat, coughing but nothing.

What to do if you have treatment of cough:

Mitigate the throat; reduce irritation in the trachea, taking overlying mucosa preparations. The task is increase the amount of mucus, which helps mitigate the throat. Drugs are looking expectorant. Medications based on fenspirid or medicines based on herbs, such as mother-and-stepmother, plantain (in the early days of cough, they can still help).

  1. Wet (productive). There was sputum; you should get it out of the lungs.

What to do if you have treatment of a cough:

The doctor will prescribe mucolytic drugs, analogs, and ambroxol. They liquefy phlegm and help her get out, freeing the lungs.

  1. The deep strong. Bronchitis and pneumonia can occur without temperature. And not to bring to pneumonia, be sure to go to the doctor, so that he appointed you to listen to and more severe cough and, if necessary, antibiotics, because without them, bronchitis and pneumonia, unfortunately, can not do.

In the treatment of errors treatment of a cough

Three major mistakes in the treatment of a cough

  1. Drink mucolytic (expectorant), when there is no phlegm. Such preparations are dry bronchi simply «torn».
  2. Eat drugs that stop a cough (eg, based on butamirate) when a wet cough. If there is mucus, it must necessarily withdraw and this can be done only with the help of coughing.
  3. Make warm, rubbing in the acute period. Any physiotherapy is only possible when the disease has receded.

Important treatment of a cough:

Improper treatment even starts treatment of cough can lead to pneumonia, so any medication taken only on doctor’s orders, and do not select the labels on medications at the pharmacy «dry cough», «from wet cough.»

Then to be treated MOST

Time to drink mineral water

How to soften the treatment of a cough with tracheitis, which usually starts with flu

  1. Inhalation.

Nebulizer. With the help of inhalation can be done simply with saline to cleanse the mucous membranes, and can be added to prescription medicines in the solution — using an inhaler, they go straight to inflammation.

  1. Folk remedies.

— It is possible to dissolve the honey, slowly, so that he could «get around» top of his lungs. Honey disinfects and softens. Only the honey must not be heated.

— From the herbal choose those that contain chamomile, licorice, mint, plantain, mother and stepmother, marshmallow root.

Careful with ginger. This root works wonders when immunity needs help, but dry ginger, and it is not necessary when tracheitis and irritation of the throat.

— If you find figs, it can be brewed with milk and drink, excellent emollient.

Three major mistakes in the treatment of a cough

  1. Alkaline drinking

Borjomi is mineral water. You can warm up a bit, and can be mixed with milk (one to one).

  1. Lollipops

Pharmacies million-candy tablets. Choose herbal and menthol, they not only soften a cough, but also to «distract» — you are less and less treatment of a cough irritates the throat.

  1. Drink a lot

The liquid is needed to increase the amount of mucus expectoration appeared to, and, consequently, facilitated by coughing. Drinking should be warm or hot.

  1. Moisturize

In the dry and hot air is an enhanced treatment of cough, for dry and irritated mucous becomes stronger. You can put in the apartment humidifier. If not, you can at least often do wet cleaning. The nose can moisturize, washing with salt water or the same mineral water.

What else about treatment of cough

Other complications of influenza may be sinusitis (chronic runny nose) and otitis media. For prevention and that, and another, be sure to remove the swelling with «hammered» nose drops (but not longer than 10 days, or addiction may develop).

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