The new test can predict the likelihood of developing preeclampsia

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The Ohio State University of the Wexner Medical Center has developed a new test to predict the likelihood of developing preeclampsia. This condition occurs in 5-8% of expectant mothers. It develops in the later stages of pregnancy and can lead to serious consequences for both mother and child.

The test, created by the research team led by KaraRood was tested in 346 pregnant women. All of them have passed urine for the test, and, in addition, have passed a series of biochemical studies also point to the risk of developing pre-eclampsia.

Who is discovered the developing preeclampsia?

The new test can predict the likelihood of developing preeclampsia

Fiona Brownfoot and her colleagues at the University of Melbourne believe that they have discovered a way to deal with pre-eclampsia. This is a serious complication of pregnancy, resulting in premature birth and threatening the lives of moms and babies. This condition is more common in women who are overweight, diabetic or those who have been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia in a previous pregnancy.

If you’re developing preeclampsia during pregnancy was detected in 89% of women. 79% of participants due to the developing preeclampsia, doctors were forced to artificially induce labor is much ahead of time. The accuracy of the test was 86% — it has helped to predict the likelihood of pre-eclampsia quickly and quite accurately.

The test is based on the identification of incorrectly folded proteins whose presence in the urine, long before symptoms indicates a high likelihood of developing preeclampsia.

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