The first teeth of the baby

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The rudiments of milk teeth begin to form at the stage of embryonic development of the baby from the sixth week of pregnancy. From this period and up to the birth, care must be taken that the body mothers received adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus and trace elements that are involved in the formation of dentin and enamel. Throughout the pregnancy, try to eat rationally and take a multivitamin that will pick up your gynecologist.

So what to do if the first teeth of the baby begging

Colds, physical and emotional stress, antibiotics — can cause that baby teeth erupt with malformed enamel and dentin. So need correction, but if the time is correct and starts taking care of them, it is likely to be permanent teeth healthy.

The first teeth of the baby

The first teeth of the baby usually appear between

The first teeth of the baby usually appear between the ages of six to eight months (lower central incisor). Next erupt following the lower cutter, and then within a month appear the upper central incisors. At eight to twelve months erupt first lower and then the upper lateral incisors. First molars erupt in a year and a half. During this period, parents can already play educational games with the children. At the age of sixteen to twenty months appear fangs. The last bite in the dairy, at the age of twenty or thirty months, cut the second primary molars.

From six months of age can be calculated milk formula teething baby: the number of teeth should be leveled a number of months of baby’s life minus four. The delay of this graph in two or three months is not considered a disability.

When teething baby feels discomfort, increased salivation, he tries everything to bite or to take by mouth. At a time when the gums to be in a state of maximum readiness for an eruption of tooth-specific pain and itching in part can be removed with a special gel for gums. Such preparations contain local anesthetics. Most often they are used before meals and at bedtime.

If you decide to use these drugs for your child, be sure to consult your pediatrician to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction to the anesthetic. Teething — a physiological process, and not all children it causes discomfort, and therefore, not all kids require special gels.

Just be aware that the eruption itself cannot cause a rise in temperature or disorder of the digestive tract. The first teeth of the baby may reduce the protective functions of the body, and then the child is easier to catch a cold. Therefore, parents need to monitor with special attention for the child who is teething. Watch out for his well-being and, if necessary, promptly contact your pediatrician.

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