Symptoms and signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

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Ectopic pregnancy symptoms that go unnoticed, is rare. What should pay attention to avoid serious complications?

If the fertilized egg attaches to the ovary, the abdomen, the fallopian tubes or elsewhere, but not in the uterus, the pregnancy is called ectopic. Gestation it is not possible and childbirth ectopic pregnancy may not end.

In obstetric practice, the diagnosis of «ectopic pregnancy» always sounds eerily as formidable a sudden deterioration of the pregnant woman and unpredictable consequences. Alas, sometimes found particularly «insidious» flowing ectopic pregnancy, the symptoms of which are a long time did not appear and assert themselves only emergency situation.

Symptoms and signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

Risk ectopic pregnancy

With what is connected such a high risk of this disease? The fact is that if a fertilized egg is due to various reasons stops, say, in the fallopian tube, it is attached to the mucous membrane and begins to develop there, it will sooner or later lead to an increase in diameter of the pipe. Given that the structure of the appendages are not designed for such loads, in a few weeks will be critical tension, there are signs of an ectopic pregnancy, and if you do not pay them enough attention to the shell of the fallopian tube may rupture. At the same blood, mucus and the fertilized egg will fall into the abdominal cavity, which must be absolutely sterile, and infection occurs very strong, almost unbearable pain, develop peritonitis. In addition, damage to blood vessels often leads to massive haemorrhage in the abdominal cavity. This is a critical condition in which the treatment is carried out only under conditions of intensive care, under constant medical supervision.Symptoms and signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

A similar situation occurs if the tube does not develop (the most common) and ovarian or abdominal ectopic pregnancy, signs of which are different, but also there will be the danger of peritonitis.

To the doctor at the first sign!

Fortunately, not every case ends so hard. More than 60% of ectopic pregnancy symptoms such as bleeding or pain, a woman forced to seek medical attention before complications arise. This is the favorable outcome of a situation that involves timely detection of pathology and surgical or medical treatment. It is worth noting that if a few decades ago the diseased organ is removed, often along with the uterus, now in medical practice used very sparing methods, allowing in some cases to preserve the integrity of the structure. Of course, the earlier identified abnormal location of the ovum, the greater the chance of successful treatment. Therefore, to know the first signs of an ectopic pregnancy is very important for every woman.

It is noteworthy that about a third of cases, complications arise against the background of well-being, but most patients do not pay attention to the first signs of an ectopic pregnancy or give them due importance.

Symptoms ectopic pregnancy

So, be sure to have alerted any pain in the abdomen at the initial stage of pregnancy — are the most common symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy. Typically painful sensations arise from one side of the abdomen, in the affected site of the fallopian tube, but sometimes, in the case of cervical fetal gestation or location in the abdominal cavity, stomach ache can middle portion. The pain often associated with changes in body position, worse when walking, turning the torso. The period for which there are these signs of an ectopic pregnancy, the fetus depends on the location. If he develops in the ampoule, the widest part of the fallopian tube, the pain begins to bother about 8 weeks of gestation, at the location at the narrowest part of the tube — Isthmus — already at 5-6 week. If there is ovarian or abdominal ectopic pregnancy, symptoms may be absent during the first four weeks. Cervical pregnancy in which implantation occurs in the cervix, accompanied by pain are very rare and may occur a long time unnoticed.

Symptoms and signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages
Symptoms and signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages and include spotting. By abundant, prolonged bleeding from the vagina causes cervical pregnancy, since the attachment of the ovum takes place in an area very rich in blood vessels. Sometimes, blood loss is huge and is a threat to a woman’s life, in addition, with this arrangement of the embryo there is a great risk that in order to save the pregnant woman will have to remove the uterus.

It is much more likely to occur tubal ectopic pregnancy, which symptoms also include bleeding, indicating damage to the fallopian tube wall. That the most favorable situation, when the pipe does not rupture, and the fertilized egg spontaneously detaches, it called tubal abortion and always accompanied by a bloody vaginal discharge.

Methods for determination ectopic pregnancy

The internet and other, more reliable methods for the determination of abnormal fetal position. It is known that normal pregnancy is a more significant increase of hormones than ectopic pregnancy, signs of which can be identified laboratory (read the article «Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy»). For the determination of pregnancy with the test strip, the woman sometimes draws attention to the weak second band. This may indicate a slight increase in hCG — hormone that appears during pregnancy. Quantitative determination of the level of hCG in the blood will help to clarify the situation — when the embryo in the uterus location hormone concentration correlates with the period and increases with each passing day, and the deviations from the normal values allow the suspected location of the abnormal embryo.

However, the most revealing method of determining the position of the embryo is an ultrasound when using a vaginal probe is visually confirmed by the position of the ovum in the uterus. By the way, in the abdomen or appendages of the embryo is determined with difficulty, but the fact that the positive laboratory tests for pregnancy the fertilized egg in the uterus is not detected, allows the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.

There are also the most critical signs of ectopic pregnancy, occurring at any point of attachment of the ovum and showing significant organ damage — breaking the pipe surface of the ovary, bowel or bladder abdominal pregnancy. There is internal bleeding, it is life-threatening. Identify it can be founded on grounds such as a sharp, intense pain in the lower abdomen, sudden or gradually increasing severe weakness and pale skin, sweating, fainting or dizziness, blood discharge from the genital tract. This condition requires immediate hospitalization.

Among the causes that lead to this pathology can be identified those which the woman does not know. How, for example, lack of sperm, or congenital constitutional features of the structure of the genitals. However, according to statistics, most often such a pregnancy occurs in women who are either hereditary burdened — their mothers, aunts or grandmothers faced with similar problems, or have resorted to abortion, or suffer inflammatory diseases of appendages, which led to adhesions, scars, uneven walls and excesses of the fallopian tubes. In addition, it should be noted that with age increases the risk of abnormalities, and signs of ectopic pregnancy in women over 35 years should be evaluated with a doubled attention. These categories make up the so-called «risk group», and it can be recommended to perform ultrasonography two weeks after the positive pregnancy test to reliably confirm that the fertilized egg is in the uterus. In addition, undergo ultrasound examination at 3-4 week of fetal development is suitable for every woman who has symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are observed. This preventive measure will help in time to prevent possible complications, and positive give you confidence in the normal development of the unborn baby.

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