Symptoms and treatment of female cystitis

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The female cystitis is inflammation of the bladder. The percentage of disease female cystitis in women is growing every year. For about 50% of the fairer sex at least once in their lives suffer cystitis and 10% suffer from a chronic form of the disease.

Symptoms of female cystitis

  • frequent urination, accompanied by cutting pain in the genital area and the bladder (and in some cases also present bleeding during urination);
  • stomach ache;
  • temperature increase;
  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • The occurrence of severe pain during intercourse.

Some of the symptoms of female cystitis are very similar to the symptoms of tuberculosis kidney or bladder, as the state is similar to developing a bladder tumor or prostate (pain in the lumbar region).

Treatment of female cystitis

Symptoms and treatment of female cystitis


Self-treatment of this disease can lead to complications, the transition from a conventional to a chronic form of cystitis to call an ambulance and hospital treatment.

If the pathogen has become female cystitis infection, the treatment that will be directed only to the disease, will not result. In this case, you must necessarily refer to a qualified technician, to be examined and to conduct the necessary treatment of infectious disease.

To tidy up the whole body after antibiotics and other prescription drugs in the treatment of cystitis, you need to take a course of vitamin therapy, and physical therapy treatments.

Particularly hard curable interstitial cystitis, which is caused by the painful bladder. To maintain the normal functioning of the organism and the need to hold regular therapy using certain medications, laser treatments, and magnetic therapy. Further, as a means envelop the bladder wall, use of fish oil, sea buckthorn oil and Vaseline. It is necessary to carry out procedures and physiotherapy:

  • electrophoresis;
  • therapy with ultrasonic waves;
  • Electrostimulation of the bladder.

If cystitis takes place in the acute form, it is recommended to ensure complete rest, limit yourself to salted and smoked food, not to drink alcohol, consume large amounts of plain water, regulate the normal functioning of the intestine, constantly monitor the temperature (it is not necessary to prevent hypothermia), to refuse sex .

In the acute form of cystitis instillation procedures are not possible, so the strong pains are appointed by candles, which is composed of analgesics. Prior antibiotic therapy doctor usually appoints a wide range of antibiotic drugs.

An important place in the treatment of chronic cystitis in women takes detection and treatment of foci of infection.

The female cystitis Treatment folk remedies

The course of treatment prescribed by a doctor can be combined with folk remedies, which greatly improves its efficiency. It should be understood that any prescription medication needs to be coordinated with the attending physician.

For the treatment of female cystitis, traditional medicine has the following recipes:

  • douching decoction of chamomile (hops, motherwort, fennel seeds, lemon balm, linden flowers, hemp, St. John’s wort, blackberry leaves, hops, licorice root);
  • Compresses on the belly of horsetail to relieve symptoms.
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