Supersteady bacterial strain discovered in the United States

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In Pennsylvania discovered a strain of E. coli that is resistant to aktibiotikam. To cope with the infection caused by this strain was unable to even colistin, which is commonly used to fight with a particularly resistant microorganisms.

The organism was found in 49-year-old woman, a convert to one of Pennsylvania hospitals. There is no information about how and where she contracted — in the last five months, the woman did not leave the United States. It is known that microorganisms present in the urine of the patient.

Center for Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and the Department of Health experts are concerned about the state of the information received, and plan to find out who contacted the woman and whether she infect anyone she could. Recall that this is the first detection of this microorganism in the United States, but experts expect the emergence of new bacteria supersteady in the near future.

Such bacteria have previously been found outside the United States — in China, Europe and Canada. The World Health Organization has called the spread of antibiotic resistance one of the most serious global problems. They tie her appearance mainly with the wide use of antibiotics, the reception of which is not always necessary.

Thus, the results of a survey conducted by WHO showed that 64% of respondents believe that antibiotics can be used to treat influenza, and 32% believe that the place prescribed a course of antibiotics completely optional, as you can stop taking medication after feeling better.

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