Strong child stomach pain causes and treatment

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Digestive disorders are the most common health problem in children younger than 12 years, so it is important that parents know how to identify the cause of strong child stomach pain and to take exact measurements

Cramps, vomiting, abdominal strong child stomach pain… troubles which frequently affects children under 12 years. It is therefore very important that parents learn how to recognize and distinguish between diseases and disorders that can cause the symptoms mentioned. Read as truth, and as entrenched misconceptions about children’s abdominal strong child stomach pain.

When inflated belly and prison is required spill: misconception

Children should not be given laxatives and other cleaning and bowel movements, constipation but should be dealt with more lenient, preventive measures: Ensure that the child drinks plenty of fluids (water, mineral water, light tea, freshly squeezed fruit juices), rich diet in fruit and vegetables and, if necessary, apply a regulator of digestion of pharmacy, designed especially for children. The best selection of products based on plants such as plantain or probiotics combined with insulin: in addition to stimulating digestion, they balance the natural bacterial intestinal flora.

The strong child stomach pain in the navel means appendicitis: true / misconceptions

Strong child stomach pain causes and treatment

For young children, all digestive problems begin strong child stomach pain in the navel, and the symptom is not sufficient to cast doubt on appendicitis. However, if the strong child stomach pain gradually from the area around the base is moved to the right side of the abdomen, especially if it is accompanied by vomiting and fever, it probably is a case of appendicitis. Another proof for probable appendicitis is a difference of one or more degrees in body temperature measured under the armpits and measured in the rectum. In this case, the child immediately to a doctor.

Strong child stomach pain and diarrhea: the truth

The risk is much higher in the summer because of high-temperature food much faster and easier spoils. In addition, on vacation is often eaten outside the home, in restaurants and other places where storage conditions of foods may be questionable. For several hours after badly treated meals may occur abdominal strong child stomach pain accompanied by frequent diarrhea. These are symptoms of gastroenteritis, intestinal infections caused by bacteria that have proliferated in spoiled food. The child should immediately give rehydration solution (available at pharmacies), which is used to replace glucose and mineral salts that the child lost frequent emptying. The diarrhea is actually a natural mechanism by which the body releases harmful germs and bacteria, but at the same time, it loses a lot of fluids necessary for normal functioning of the body. Therefore, it is very important to immediately compensate for the loss. Never child does not give antibiotics on their own initiative, only if they are prescribed by the pediatrician.

Video: signs and causes of abdominal pain in 3 to 12 year olds and when you should take your child to the emergency room

When abdominal strong child stomach pain and vomiting child must fast: misconception

Starvation is actually contraindicated: metabolism of a child after vomiting, disturbed and an empty stomach can lead to the concentration of harmful substances. Vomiting and fast, in fact, cause a decrease in stocks of sugar in the body, and the body tries to compensate for energy by burning fatty acids. But thus released ketone bodies causing their general weakness and fatigue. So after vomiting child should be given slightly sweetened beverages, such as tea (chamomile), but if vomiting repeated several times, it is better to immediately give the child rehydration solution, which, as well as teas should be drunk in small sips because suddenly drinking can cause vomiting new.

In the lower left abdomen strong child stomach pain of imprisonment: the truth

The left part of the abdomen is the final part of the intestine through which stool before ejection from the body. If the discharge is absent, the chair is more reserves in this part, dries and becomes harder, which explains why it is such a strong child stomach pain more common in children than in adults, because due to the anatomical structure of the children have a longer final part of the intestine. Higher risk of prison exposed children who, when they feel an incentive to discharge, postpone going to the toilet because they are, say, too wrapped up in the game. It is important to enrich the child’s diet vegetables and liquid and teach them to go to the toilet as soon as you feel the impulse. If necessary, it can be applied enema mixed with 1.5-2 dl hot water — but its urgent intervention only in cases of emergency or when the child did not have a chair for several days, and the strong child stomach pain persists.

Abdominal strong child stomach pain can be a sign of psychological problems: the truth

The birth of a sibling, a tense situation in the family, problems at school: the negative events children often react to physical problems. No wonder it often speaks of psychosomatic strong child stomach pain in the abdomen, a problem that is much more common in the introverted, shy and withdrawn children: they all remain in itself, but because the stomach clear reminder that the child is unhappy, scared or worried. Therefore, if the abdominal strong child stomach pain occurs suddenly in the morning before going to school, or when major problems in the family, you should try to discover if it is not actually the child’s distress call. In this case, there is only one cure: understanding, full of tenderness and parts as well as more time to talk and play with your child.

The remains of the food in the stool mean irritable bowel syndrome: the truth

The presence of poorly digested food in the stool can be a sign of too intense and irregular bowel or disorder called irritable bowel syndrome. Its cause is the connection of the digestive system, brain and the inherent sensitivity of the colon. The muscles of the final part of the intestine tighten too intense, which is aided by stress, anxiety, emotional tension, digestive problems and colds. The consequence of such work are colon cramps, bloating and diarrhea, often alternated with periods of imprisonment. When these symptoms the child should be given easily digestible food: pasta and rice seasoned with raw oil and fresh tomatoes, white meat steamed and cooked vegetables, and do not overdo it with dairy products. I can help and teas with calming effect, like tea from lime, lemon balm, and valerian. Avoid sweets, burgers, fried foods and heavy and fatty sauces. If problems persist for ten days, should seek the help of a pediatrician who will determine whether it is an irritable bowel syndrome or a child may have an inflammatory bowel disease.

Fatigue are signs of gluten intolerance: the truth

Strong child stomach pain causes and treatment

Coeliac disease is a disease associated with gluten intolerance, protein substance present in wheat, barley and rye and their derivatives. Consumption of farinaceous products of these grains promotes the formation of antibodies which act against the lining of the upper small intestine that absorb nutrients necessary for health. Therefore, the children who suffer from this problem often comes to a halt in the growth and / or unexplained rapid weight loss. But it is not a rule: sometimes the disease can manifest itself in non-specific ways of causing fatigue, pallor, constipation, bloating and abdominal strong child stomach pain. So, I suspect that the symptoms could indicate a gluten intolerance, be sure to see a doctor.

Taut belly warns of too much air: true

This problem is more common if the child suffers from irritable bowel syndrome if you eat a lot of chocolate if you overdo it with beans, chestnuts, cabbage or broccoli because these foods stimulate the process of fermentation in the gut. Exposed to increased risk are children who like fizzy drinks and one that constantly chew gum because chewing «into space» introduced a lot of air, which then ends up in the stomach. To solve this problem and reduce tension stomach should reduce the consumption of foods that produce gas and possibly the child to give tablets or drops that make it easier to balance. However, if the stomach very tense and stiff to the touch, if the child is pale, with cold sweat and has painful cramps immediately take him to the hospital or call an emergency because it could be about appendicitis.

Diarrhea can be caused by a virus: the truth

Children’s intestine are all at risk of infection by a variety of viruses that circulate air, particularly rotavirus, which are responsible for about 30 percent of the most severe gastrointestinal infections. This microorganism is highly contagious because the body can penetrate through oral and fecal: over traces of chairs that can be left in the hands of the child, but also through small droplets of saliva that are released by air during the speech. When a child infected with the virus, symptoms such as vomiting and severe diarrhea.

Against viral infections drugs are needed: misconception

From the fifth year of children’s body is already pretty good deal with viral infections, and can I solve harmful triggering the activity of T lymphocytes, white blood cells that their actions destroy the intruders. In this case only needed outside help is rehydration of the body. However, if the rotavirus infects a small child, the matter is more serious: vomiting and diarrhea babies exposed to risk dehydration within a few hours, and it can cause severe shock to their body, or all vital functions. Then urgently needed hospital treatment.

Abdominal strong child stomach pain and itching buttocks caused by worms: the truth

Strong child stomach pain causes and treatment

To suspect worms especially if the strong child stomach pain is intermittent and if it is associated with the removal of prison and soft and sticky chairs. A key symptom recognition worms still itching buttocks, which is particularly intense at night. The cause of the life stages of these small organisms in the intestines are due by dirty hands or contaminated food, then there proliferate. At nightfall towards the rectum to eggs left there and that’s what causes the itching. Contact your pediatrician to prescribe appropriate medication.

Abdominal strong child stomach pain and headaches may be linked: the truth

There are types of headaches, so-called. An abdominal migraine, which is manifested by vomiting, nausea and abdominal strong child stomach pain. The attack can last up to 72 hours, and then passes without treatment, and his parents often misinterpreted as transient indigestion. This headache is most common in children between 5 and 9 years, especially if one of the parents suffers from migraines. If the attacks are repeated two or three times a month, it would be good to discuss them with her doctor.

Massage can alleviate the strong child stomach pain: the truth

Massage can greatly alleviate abdominal strong child stomach pain in children. Before massaging warm up his hands rubbing or under warm running water: heat is desirable because it relaxes the muscles and reduces tension, and touch is more comfortable. To massage performed as effectively as possible, lay the child on his back, put his hands on his stomach and then a slight pressure doing concentric circular motion in the opposite direction to clockwise. Gradually expand the movements until you reach the hips. Then repeat the same movements going back to the navel. For beneficial effect is sufficient for 15 minutes.

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