Strong back pain after sleeping: most common causes

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If these unpleasant sensations are repeated regularly, it can lead not only to a decrease in performance and poor health of the patient, but also cause serious back problems. Therefore, if there were strong back pain after sleeping, it is necessary to find the cause of their appearance and get rid of it.

Causes of strong back pain after sleeping

  1. Incorrect position during sleep or uncomfortable bed — in this case, after sleeping on a regular basis there is a feeling that the neck, back, arms or legs «numb» or a person wakes up with the feeling that he was beaten in his sleep, the body appears stiff and spin ache most of the day. This may be due to the habit of sleeping on your stomach, on the back with a high pillow or bent, and strong back pain after sleeping appears too hard or soft bed, where the human body cannot fully relax and unwind;
  2. Osteochondrosis — degeneration and the gradual destruction of the intervertebral discs in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine causes a lot of discomfort in the patient. In addition to strong back pain after sleeping, it is also plagued by persistent, dull pain in the spine, worse in the evening or after exercise, as well as muscle weakness and inability to keep the body for a long time in a steady upright position;
  3. Dystrophy muscles of the spine — because of constant stress, overweight, poor posture is disrupted normal diet corset muscles that hold the spine and chest in an upright condition. Muscles as «frozen», it gradually leads to their degeneration and causes severe low pain after sleeping, which gradually disappear during the day, with constant movement and muscles;
  4. Inflammation of the nerve endings — the inflammation, swelling, and pinched nerve root causes strong, not passing back pain, such pain intensity are different, there are in a certain place, and worse after stress or sudden movements;
  5. Spinal injuries — sometimes even old injuries, strokes and downs that did not seem to have left a trace after a while become reasons for the emergence of pain. Backache worse when turning in a certain direction, tilt or sudden movements;
  6. Diseases of the internal organs — is not always strong back pain after sleeping associated with lesions of the spine, sometimes they indicate problems with internal organs: the genitourinary system or the digestive system. In this case, in addition to back pain the patient will be observed, and other signs of the disease: heartburn, nausea, abdominal pain or urination disorders and pain in the genitals;
  7. Other diseases — sometimes constant strong back pain after sleeping can be a symptom of such unpleasant diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, a herniated disc, osteoporosis and others.

Strong pain after sleeping: most common causes

What to do with the strong back pain after sleeping

If strong back pain after sleeping does not go away within a few days, without recourse to a specialist cannot do, only a doctor can accurately determine the cause of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Before that, in the home can be:

  • Change position during sleep — train yourself to sleep on their backs, without a pillow, straighten and relax the hands and feet, and you are much better rested during sleep;
  • Back to the mattress and the bed on a special orthopedic bed, but if this is impossible — to get rid of soft quilts, pillows high and too hot blankets;
  • to provide back rest — refuse to exercise, move less, do not lift weights and severe pain — bed rest;
  • when severe pain helps hard wearing corset or a special belt that keeps the spine in an upright position;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — with severe pain can take a pill once «diclofenac», «ibuprofen», «nuprina» and others;
  • It can also help warming ointment and cream;
  • in some cases, to relax and relieve muscle spasm help warm bath with sea salt, oil, cedar, fir and rosemary.

You should not take more serious drugs, do massage or hot compress before a diagnosis, because your strong back pain after sleeping can become even stronger.

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