Strong acute lower back pain: how is it treated?

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Normally, a human spine has natural curves (lordosis and kyphosis), that provide cushioning while driving. It is very important to mitigate the shocks and bumps, which are transmitted during walking, running and jumping. When pathological changes, first flattens the lumbar lordosis, reduced height of the intervertebral disc. In the course of pathology adjacent vertebrae begin to compress the nerve roots. The result is the strong acute lower back pain.

In medicine, strong acute lower back pain called lumbago. In everyday life, people often call this abnormal «cross.» Lumbago is not an independent disease. This syndrome is a disease in which there are shooting strong acute lower back pain.

Why the is strong acute lower back pain?

The strong acute lower back pain may occur in degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine (maximum loads department). Changes occur for a long time. Theirs aggravates people the wrong posture or actions. The most common manifestations of lumbar degenerative disc disease occur in people older than 30 years.

Strong acute lower back pain: how is it treated?

The strong acute lower back pain occurs or after the strain of the intervertebral disc, due to irritation of a nerve, ligament injury or intervertebral joint. The strong acute lower back pain in the lumbar region appear when changes in the intervertebral disc become marked until the disc herniation. Precipitating factors can detect hidden disease course.

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Under the influence of excessive stress can occur rupture of the intervertebral disc (the outer layer of the annulus). In this case, the middle part of the core liquid comes out and can compress nerve roots, causing the acute radicular syndrome in the lower back. Otherwise, this pathology is called a herniated disc. In contrast to the age-related changes that the disease process is very fast.

The causes of strong acute lower back pain can are others. For example, prolonged exposure to cold or drafty. When the supercooling mechanism of lumbago. In the normal state in a human muscle are elasticity and firmness. When colds and muscle are easily injured. The result is inflammation, swelling and pain.

What are the symptoms of lumbago?

For paroxysmal intense strong acute lower back pain characterized by acute onset. Most often it occurs at the time of physical exertion. The onset of pain is so strong that the patient can not move. Sometimes, even with a fit of the patient can not utter a word.

If you experience pain in the spine is fixed analgesic posture. The forced position is usually little pain recedes. Its intensity depends on the degree of destruction of the fibrous ring or denial and displacement of its fragments. Do not be in such a position to straighten them arbitrarily, as this could trigger a new bout of strong acute lower back pain.

Strong acute lower back pain: how is it treated?

If the loss of fragments of the fibrous ring occurs in the lumen of the channel, there is irritation of the sensitivity of the end of the nerve roots. This can cause reflex muscle tension back. In this case, because of the intense pain when moving it is impossible to deep breathing.

First aid in case of lumbago

They have both analgesic and antipyretic activity. These funds can take on their own if there are no severe gastric ulcer and contraindications to their use.

Principles of treatment of the strong acute lower back pain

If a man shoots back, you must make a full examination of the spine in order to understand what his department there is a problem. Back pain can occur when problems in the cervical and thoracic spine.

Treatment of low back pain involves the basic principles:

  • Reducing the load on the wheels.
  • Decreased mobility of the lumbar spine.

At the hospital, a doctor may prescribe steroid medications (hormones), which allows ten times strengthen inflammatory, decongestant, and analgesic effects.

Why is there a girdle strong acute lower back pain?

The second stage of the treatment of the strong acute lower back pain is the appointment of agents that relax the muscles. One representative of these drugs is Sirdalud. Assign these drugs only after taking anti-inflammatory drugs. The range of therapeutic treatments includes the prescription of antidepressants. Any pain that lasts more than 14 days, causing pockets of stagnant excitation in the cerebral cortex of the brain that interferes with recovery.

Strong acute lower back pain: how is it treated?

A decisive role in the treatment plays a cause of acute low back pain — irritated membranes of the spinal cord or pinched spinal roots. Therefore, it should be noted that not always heat treatments can benefit. In the acute period of heat can provoke the increase in edema and new episodes of strong acute lower back pain.

After the aggravation dry heat, pine baths, paraffin baths and other physiotherapy treatments can give a good therapeutic effect. Muscle spasm in the lower back massage can reduce the waist. He was appointed no earlier than 2 days after the attack. Another is no medication for a manual therapy. Thanks to special techniques chiropractor eliminate muscle tension, improves blood flow, and compensates for the disruption of the ligaments of the joint.

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