Strawberry: 5 useful properties

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What could be more delicious fragrant and juicy strawberry? In the height of summer this berry — a favorite treat for many. But besides strawberry sweet juicy taste has also many useful features!

Strawberries — record the content of vitamin C and folic acid. 100 g of berries of vitamin C greater than the required daily allowance. And folic acid content of strawberries and raspberries, grapes surpassed. Furthermore, in the strawberry contains iron and iodine.

What are the useful properties of strawberry?

  1. Strengthens the immune system and blood vessels

If you eat a strawberry every day, there is a strengthening of immunity, low blood pressure and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. And all this thanks to the large amount of vitamin C in strawberries That is why the strawberry is an effective prophylactic against diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Strawberry has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. strawberries inhibit the development of colds and flu. It is used for the treatment of various inflammations of the oral cavity and throat.Strawberry: 5 useful properties

  1. Improves metabolism

Strawberry has the ability to lower blood sugar. That is why it is added to the diet of people with diabetes. Strawberry also helps with cholelithiasis and has diuretic properties.

  1. Treats diseases of the skin and improves complexion

Strawberry — tested folk remedy to treat skin rashes, diathesis, eczema and wounds on the skin. To do this, you just need to put the pulp of the berries on the damaged area.

Strawberries berries are also widely used in cosmetics. Masks of strawberries perfectly whiten the skin, improves its elasticity, smooth wrinkles and have a rejuvenating effect.

  1. Helps you lose weight

There is a famous strawberry diet. For three days, it is necessary to only eat this delicious and juicy berries. If not allergic to strawberries, it can be eaten without any restrictions.

It is worth noting that there are natural phytocomplex that effectively improve metabolism, reduce appetite, cleanse the body, deduce from it slag, toxins and other harmful substances, normalize lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and promote rapid weight loss. These include Tropicana slim Green Slimming Coffee and Diet MCC. Before taking herbal remedies, consult with your doctor.

Regularly monitor your weight scales medical help.


Strawberries can be a strong allergen. Allergy-prone people should limit its intake.

It is also worth carefully have strawberries for pregnant women and small children.

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