Skin rejuvenation by modern medicine

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Possibilities of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery are truly multi-faceted. Professional beauty clinics offer their clients the wide range of services related to the skin rejuvenation and improvement of the visual characteristics of the face and body. Now every woman can feel like a young and attractive, referring to the «right» expert. And it is guaranteed to get the result, regardless of its current age and the type of imperfections.

Skin rejuvenation by the modern methods is not limited to full-fledged skin rejuvenation surgery. Therefore, those who are afraid of traditional invasive surgeries, or is it specific to the medical condition, may turn to alternative therapeutic options, hardware, and laser cosmetology.

The mechanism of skin rejuvenation

Age-related changes of the skin and soft tissues are inevitable. They enter into «legitimate rights» of about 25-30 years and are constantly progressing.

Skin rejuvenation by modern medicine

The mechanism of skin rejuvenation

Biological aging is largely due to the suppression of the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and fibroblasts. The first ingredient is a natural non-sulfonated saccharide, being constantly in the intercellular space of our skin. His mission — to bind a molecule of moisture in the dermis and optimize cellular proliferation. Fibroblasts, in turn, produce «youth proteins» — collagen and elastin. They form a specific frame, causing the tissue to counteract the force of gravity. Once these resources are exhausted, and their development is slowed down, the skin begins to be subjected to gravitational ptosis, it becomes flabby, listless and loose.

Cosmetology victorious in the fight against aging

Feeling the need to prevent or halt the aging process, refer to the beautician for the selection of individual schemes skin rejuvenation.

Relevant options will the following procedures:

  • Biorevitalization and mesotherapy — intradermal administration mesotherapeutic cocktails based on hyaluronate, amino acids, vitamin-mineral complexes, growth (peptide) factors;
  • Botox, Dysport, Xeomin («injections of beauty») — botulinum toxin injections, which aim local lock facial muscles in order to prevent the formation of wrinkles;
  • Filament (ligature) lifting — introduction in deep structures of the skin absorbable and non-absorbable cosmetic threads to support the tissue in position;
  • Ozone — machinery serial injections of concentrated ozone (a form of oxygen), aimed at saturation of the skin;
  • Radio wave lifting (RF-lifting) — a revolutionary hardware procedure based on dosed intensive influence of thermal energy radio waves (competes with surgical lifting, displacing it into the background);
  • Photorejuvenation — Laser technique provides total skin rejuvenation by restoring the integrity of collagen fibers;
  • Contour — the introduction point of viscous gel based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal collagen or (synthetic) origin; performed for wrinkles / folds and filling stations lost natural volume;
  • Radiesse — injection procedure using the special filter based on calcium hydroxyapatite, which provides instant non-surgical tissue tightening.

These procedures are the most popular in its segment.

Place your bets on cosmetology services are for those who:

  • I noticed the first signs of skin aging;
  • Wanting to prolong the young person;
  • Afraid of surgical procedures;
  • It has absolute or relative contraindications to surgery;
  • Her dream is to rejuvenate the face safely and effectively;
  • Not ready for long-term rehabilitation and restrictions after the surgery;
  • It prefers the most «natural» result.

Prices of services depend on the amount of work and material consumption waits specialist. The final cost of the procedure is calculated and is announced on internal consultation.

Many cosmetologists are with experience developing their own methods of facial skin rejuvenation and body.

As minimally invasive procedures are powerless?

Alas, there are times when cosmetic techniques are impractical and ineffective. This is due to severe signs of aging — gravitational ptosis grade 3-4, sharp furrows, folds and wrinkles, drooping complex. In this situation, will the endoscopic, or the most radical SMAS-lifting.

Appeal to the competent specialist — a pledge of safety and excellent results. We encourage you to consider the choice of aesthetic surgery very responsibly and carefully.

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