Six Exercises for beautiful breasts

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It’s no secret that a woman’s beautiful breasts — the object of increased male attention. Even if a young person is hypnotized swaying your hips to the beat walk, his gaze still will gradually climb higher and higher until it rests on the seductive bulge. Even if conversation he looks you in the eye, his gaze now and then will rush at the neckline…

High, firm beautiful breasts are undoubtedly decoration, which dreams of every woman. Therefore, strengthening the pectoral muscles it is necessary, and, the sooner the better. Widely publicized creams and gels are of little help, but with the help of special exercises can be lifted chest and even slightly adjust its shape, and for the company to prepare the shoulders and arms of the spring’s production.

This set of six exercises designed to classes three times a week. Perform necessary on two approaches for each exercise. For classes need a gym mat and dumbbells of 2-3 kg or plastic bottles with water of the same weight.

To warm up, the muscles are short warm-up: 10-12 rotations shoulders forward and back, and the same number of rotations in the direction of divorced hands.

Exercise 1 for beautiful breasts: a helpless gesture

Six Exercises for beautiful breasts

Starting position: lying on his back, holding dumbbells or plastic water bottle. Hands in front of you, elbows slightly bent. Breath in and, without straightening the elbows, breed slowly hand in hand up until your elbows touch the floor. Then we breathe out and return to the starting position.

Exercise repeat 15-20 times — this will be one approach.

Objective: To strengthen the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest.

Exercise 2 for beautiful breasts: Fell — Press

Push-ups are able to all, or, at least, everyone could see how it’s done. Starting position: on all fours. Hands wide apart, toe pointing forward. Taps legs back up against the toes on the floor. It is important that the wrist were under the shoulder joints and the whole body (from head to toe) form a straight line. Then bend your elbows and throwing them to the sides to shoulder level.

One approach is 10-15 pushups. Try not to reduce the blade and lower the head — this reduces the effectiveness of the relevant muscles. Do not let sagging stomach, so as not to cause damage to the lower back.

Objective: to strengthen not only the chest muscles, and the anterior and posterior surface of the shoulders. And the press, back, buttocks and thigh muscles — they work as stabilizers.

Exercise 3 for beautiful breasts: The rise in the pose of the side strips

Starting position: on all fours. Take a dumbbell in your right hand, lean to the left, putting it just under the shoulder joint. This palm facing forward, fingers wide apart. The left leg bent at the knee, right hand stretched back as in the push-ups. Prestressing press and lifts the hips so that the whole body from the head to the right foot to form a straight line.

Six Exercises for beautiful breasts

Hand with dumbbells goes down, expanding the palm. Fixing the position of the feet and body, slowly raise your hand through the side upwards. Also is omitted slowly. Repeat 6-8 times, and then change direction — it will be one approach.

Objective: To strengthen the muscles of the upper and middle parts of the back, shoulders, upper chest.

Exercise 4 for beautiful breasts: A long push-ups

Starting position: lying on his stomach, legs stretched out on the socks so that your feet touch the floor top surface. The hand rests directly on the floor, his hands just under the shoulder joints. Bend arm, descending as low as possible to the floor, with the elbow close to the body. Then slowly lift the body while sitting on your heels and stretching his arms forward as the kitty. Return to starting position and repeat the entire sequence of movement 8-10 times. It will be one approach.

Objective: To strengthen the muscles of the chest, the front surface of the shoulders, triceps.

Exercise 5 for beautiful breasts: Flexible dog

Starting position: on all fours, hands under shoulders, palms rest on the floor. Fingers — fan, looking forward.

Falls through the lower body: hips and thighs sink to the floor. Legs are straight. The main burden falls on the hands. We open the chest — shoulders down and back, top of the head are drawn up, look — straight ahead. Maintain this position for 60 seconds, and then return back on all fours: vacation -20 seconds. Repeat the exercise three times.

Objective: To reveal the chest, strengthen chest muscles.

Exercise 6 for beautiful breasts: The most beautiful woman in the world

Starting position: lie on your back, legs straight, arms extended over your head. Within 30 seconds, pull the hands and feet along the floor by him as far as possible. Then bend your knees, hugged her knees to her chest and presses. Head and chest off the floor do not interrupt. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Repeat 5-6 times. Then just lie down on his back, breathing deeply and turning his hands palms up. It is useful to think at this point, as the breast gets elasticity and becomes more and more tempting.

Week three will be the first visible results and compliments.

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