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Often parents do not understand why their little baby crying for a long time without any apparent reason. It is worth remembering that such behavior can provoke sharp ear pain in children.

Even an adult is very difficult to tolerate dental and sharp ear pain in children, not to mention the kids! And if you have an older child may complain of himself and pinpoint the place where he feels pain, the very young kids have to signal the pain of his only cry and cry.

However, parents may be quite easy to determine in the home, whether the cause of a suffering earache in children. To do this, press slightly and tapped the triangle, which is located near the ear, on the part of the cheek, in front of the ear canal (otherwise, it is called the tragus). If, after this manipulation child answers you cry efforts — hence the source of pain is found. Now we have to specifically localize it and find the cause, and then carry out the necessary treatment and to forget how uncomfortable the whole family suffered from childhood earaches.

How it hurts a child’s ear?

Under the phrase «sharp ear pain in children,» we understand the different types of pain and various diseases that may be causing the pain. Parents will be useful to learn the specifics that can more clearly describe the sharp ear pain in children. If the pain in the ear appeared sometime after the baby is ill with colds, it can often indicate that began in the middle ear inflammation caused by infection.

Also, the cause of sharp ear pain in children can be an infection of the outer ear, which is evident discharge from the ear, tingling, or pain while touching the ear. With such a problem often faced by children, swimming or just spend a lot of time in the water bodies.

Sharp ear pain in children

It is also important to remember that the disease can cause sharp ear pain in children not only at the outbreak of the disease but also, for example, radiate to the jaw and teeth. From this alone to determine the cause of children’s suffering becomes much harder. But an experienced physician immediately sees what was going on.

If your child still does not talk and cannot really explain the reason for their depressed mood, frequent crying, then look closely to his conduct. Is the kid usually enough for most ears? Strong cries while shaking her head from side to side? Does He beat his hands on his head? If the answer to these questions — yes, in this case, most likely, you’re dealing with an inflammation of the ear. But, remember that in addition to this, this behavior is common in children during dentition sludge from the unusual sensation during stimulation of the ear canal with water or emit sulfur. The exact answer can only give your pediatrician.

Diseases that provoke sharp ear pain in children

The reason that there is sharp ear pain in children can be set. But, there are the most common and now we have to meet them:

  • Otitis. This is one of the most common diseases, which causes sharp ear pain in children. Striking is the statistical fact that boys under the age of three years were significantly more likely to suffer from this disease. What is this otitis media? So-called otitis media is due to getting infections. As a result, of the disease behind the eardrum of the affected ear fluid accumulates. This is due to that the Eustachian tube is blocked (it is the connection element between the middle ear and throat). As a result, this situation can lead to infection. When otitis is ear pain in children can also occur when blowing your nose.
  • Infection of the outer ear canal. In another, this disease is often called, «swimmer’s ear» — all due to the fact that most often it is the children suffer, swimming, or just a part of the swimming pool or other water bodies. In addition, there are tangible pain and other symptoms of the disease. If the ear canal become red, soft (it feels when you touch), and you can see that it is swollen, and then it indicates the presence of an infection of the outer ear canal. And if to this is added, and the feeling of occlusion of the ear and throbbing pain lasting nature, then doubt this diagnosis is almost gone.
  • Trauma ear often causes prolonged pain. Even if a child says that the injured ear hears well, then a visit to the otolaryngologist must be carried out without fail. As a result, the impact can damage the eardrum and, therefore, delay diagnosis is not recommended.
  • Clearing a foreign body in the ear of a little child is quite a usual thing, as in other matters, as in the nose. Curious kids strive in whatever was to thrust a small object in the ear or nose, and watching with interest what will happen as a result of their feelings. Unfortunately, often these pranks lead to quite disastrous consequences. Parents admit such a mistake because of the banal negligence. Therefore, it is very important when you have symptoms of an earache immediately contact a doctor. And, of course, leave a small child alone unattended with small parts or objects is totally unacceptable.

What to do if your child has an ear ache?

First, you need to watch your baby, and if within 15 minutes the pain goes away, does not occur again, and the child continues to continue to play while looking quite healthy, there is no need to see a doctor in the clinic. Also, do not need to panic especially if the sharp ear pain in children in check in children is caused by the reason is simple and clear — with a sharp up or down, blowing the nose vigorously, flying very active chewing gum, etc. If the pain that resulted from these causes is short, it does not pose any danger.

Sharp ear pain in children

In the event that an earache lasts for an hour or longer, but at the same time facilitating attachment brings a cold compress to the ear or neck, you need at a convenient time for you yet, consult a doctor.

  • Video In today’s video I’m going to teach you how cure an ear infection fast. In general, ear infections are much more common in younger children

There are also a number of symptoms that should cause concern and serve as a reason for immediate treatment for medical assistance:

  1. Children aged up to one-year long crying, irritability and seen increased body temperature.
  2. The cause of ear pain is the injury of any kind.
  3. Pain in the ear of the child is so strong that it cannot easily tolerate it.
  4. For several hours, the pain does not subside, and neither cold nor warm compresses do not bring tangible relief.
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