Sharp child stomach pain: Causes and Symptoms

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Sharp child stomach pain of newborns and children of middle and high school age and should alert parents as a sign of any disease. They tend to differ from each other by the nature of pain and various.

Some of them pass quickly and are not, in fact, something terrible. Basically, it is the accumulation of gas in the intestines or stomach upset. But it happens that they are — clear evidence of gastritis or ulcers and parents need to find out the cause of these pains.

Causes of sharp child stomach pain

«Sharp child stomach pain» — this term is characterized by all kinds of pain localized in the upper abdomen. But who is faced with the present gastric pain, she knows firsthand that abdominal pain differ. If the pain in the stomach, they are usually highly localized or under the ribs, but may lower and in the abdomen. Sometimes there is a gurgling feeling pretty painful spasms, pain, there may be acute or slow viscous.

Causes of sharp child stomach pain

Causes of sharp child stomach pain

Parents are important to know and understand what the pain is accompanied by certain diseases, to help the baby and ease his pain.

Sharp child stomach pain: Colic

At the age of 6 months of colic is the most common cause of pain in the stomach. Colic is present in 20% of infants with a birth. The pain is characterized as unstable, but apart from colic, children suffer even from gasses. stomach pain symptoms

Last — reaction to the poor quality of food or the wrong food. Lactose intolerance, contained in abundance in breast milk, is manifested in young children stomach cramps. The transition to artificial nutrition is also a cause of colic in infants. These symptoms disappear after about five months.

Sharp child stomach pain: Heartburn

Another cause of pain in the stomach in children is heartburn, which causes a burning sensation in the upper abdomen in the chest area and causes severe discomfort. These pains are intermittent, but appear from time to time, and cause a child’s tears. Parents should consult with your child’s doctor.

Sharp child stomach pain: Gastritis

Gastritis — is irritation, inflammation or erosion of the gastric mucosa. Can occur suddenly in the form of acute pain, and may be chronic.

stomach pain

sharp child stomach pain symptoms


Where does it come from and what it triggers? Gastric irritation is due to the excessive use of spicy food, stress, poor diet, and overuse of drugs. Gastritis must be treated immediately, without delay «later». Otherwise, it can lead to blood loss and increases the risk of gastric cancer.

Sharp child stomach pain: Constipation

Constipation — a common problem of all the people and children too. Constipation may cause abdominal pain, and quite sharp. Nausea is an accompanying symptom of constipation. Eating fiber and drinking lots of fluid in the children’s diet can ease the condition for constipation.

Video: 10 Foods That Help Relieve Constipation

You will also be helpful to read the article — a diet for constipation in children, which is published here.

Sharp child stomach pain: Diarrhea

Stomach discomfort, characterized by gurgling in the stomach and intestines spasms often cause diarrhea. Bacterial and viral infections can also trigger diarrhea, not to mention the parasites and food poisoning. It is important to rule out medical conditions that can produce the worst consequences.

Stomach pain discomfort

Parents should really take responsibility for the definition of this type of disease. If this is a common disorder, it is appropriate to apply, as a relief the suffering of a child — a gentle massage tummy and a warm compress with salt.

Sharp child stomach pain: Worms

For pains in the stomach can cause infection of roundworm if the situation reviewed, and it got out of control. Caused by worms is characterized by abdominal pain excessive gas and bloating.

Infection can cause worms and diarrhea and even lead to seizures. Treatment house means, in this case, may be ineffective. It is not known what kind of parasites caused stomach pain.

Pain in the stomach can cause anxiety and stress, do not like their children.

What should I do for sharp child stomach pain?

Place the child in the bed; let him lie down for 20 minutes quietly. The most recommended posture to relieve pain is posture on the back with your knees bent. It will help ease the pain of hot water bottle covered with a towel, so as not to burn the delicate skin of the child, as well as the heated wheat bag.

Sharp child stomach pain: Causes and Symptoms

Massage gently and slowly in a clockwise direction the baby’s stomach. It allowed a few sips of water, but no more, otherwise it can cause pain and gag reflex. It is better to prepare your child a few spoons sweetened with honey lemon tea. Warm drink better perceived by the body and helps to relax the abdominal muscles.

Ginger is also recommended to be added to the tea, but many children refuse to drink it due to a specific smell and taste. Hold the child in the toilet; let it sit on the toilet, how much wants it. It is an effective method to get rid of painfully accumulated gasses.

Avoid self-medication, your ill-considered steps may not improve the health of the child and only worsen it. Consult better consult a physician or a gastroenterologist.

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