Sharp acute lower back pain: causes and treatment

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Sharp acute lower back pain — the phenomenon is as widespread as an unpleasant. And there it is often quite unexpectedly — like and did not do anything special — just bent down to lift the coin, or turned into a quest to «hide» the mobile phone, and all of a sudden severe pain holds the lower back. And then it does not work properly or move or turn. It seems to be the most logical solution is a trip to the doctor, but how to go, even if the pain does not straighten up? And at such moments it is very useful to remember how to remove the pain.

Why is there such sharp acute lower back pain?

The reasons for the emergence are pain weight. What is the reason for it concerns you — the question is strictly individual. Something that we can understand is the nature of the pain, its intensity and duration. But in fact, the diagnosis should put a specialist, and we can only make some assumptions.

Sharp acute lower back pain: causes and treatment

For example, the cause of such sharp acute lower back pain in the lumbar region. This disease does not develop too fast, and to a certain point, you can simply ignore. And one bad moment formed osteophytes a failed motion compress the nerve roots of the spinal cord, because of what and there is acute pain.

The causes of sharp acute lower back pain are actually quite a lot

Another common problem — herniated disc, which is also very often, develops in the lumbar spine. The situation, in this case, is very similar — a bad movement leads to compression of nerve endings, which is why there is a pain.

About the above-mentioned problems can be told for a long time since it is a serious illness that requires serious attention. But the reason may be banal overcooling or drafts or excessive physical stress (such problem is most common in men). Fortunately, such problems are not as difficult to handle, in which case the pain goes away after a few days at the simplest treatment.

There is another category of extremely unpleasant causes of sharp acute lower back pain — a disease of the internal organs, for example — the kidneys. However, in this case, the pain is not as sharp, but enough intensity and duration.

In general we can say that the pain is very troublesome, it can virtually immobilize a person on long enough. Because useful to know how to quickly remove the pain. However, this does not mean you have to then sigh of relief and cancel a visit to the doctor. As we have said, most of the causes of such pain severe enough to ignore these symptoms to anything good will not.

«A backache» sharp acute lower back pain — what to do?

First, it makes sense to do — lie down and relax. No matter where it is, as long as it was quite a smooth surface — a bed, sofa or floor. Given the strength of the pain, there is no place of decorum, so the easiest way to do just lie on the floor and take the optimal position where the pain is felt the least.

After a minute or two to be careful to turn over on his back and legs to lift and put on any elevation — a sofa, a chair, a box, and a bed — it does not matter, most importantly, your thighs at a right angle to the body. It is in this situation remains until the pain subsides.

Sharp acute lower back pain: causes and treatment

The meaning of these manipulations is simple enough — we need to remove as much as possible to load the spine. This load is maximum when we are, but, contrary to popular belief, if you just lie down, legs stretched, your back muscles in the lumbar region is not to relax, they will remain a burden (albeit smaller).

When the sharp acute lower back pain has subsided, it is possible to climb. But it should be done carefully because the back is not recommended to bother. So first we turn to the side and went on all fours. Then we get to any support, for which you can grasp, and slowly straighten your back. Now climb the legs from the knees, keeping your back fixed. We continue to move so that the pain intensified.

On the moral standards and aesthetics do not pay attention — not before.

Then we take any pain reliever, preferably one that has anti-inflammatory effects (eg, ibuprofen, aspirin, and so on.) They are not only relieving pain but also strip appeared inflammation.

Next you need to fix the waist. Generally, there are special for that zone, but usually in such situations, they are not at hand turns. Therefore, you can use a bath towel, a scarf or something similar. This zone should be wound so as to capture not only the affected area but located slightly below and above the areas of the back.

Acute low back pain is related to muscle spasm

So that’s an uncomplicated way to quickly relieve sharp acute lower back pain. But in any case then be sent to a doctor for the consultation, rather than wait for the pain she let go. Even if the pain goes away very quickly, it may be a symptom of some quite serious illnesses, so do not take chances.

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