Scientists: World Threatened By a New Flu Virus 2016

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Scientists fear the epidemic new flu virus 2016 caused by a particular strain of a possible outbreak of swine flu — EAH1N1, found mainly in Asia. This virus is able to spread among humans by airborne droplets, said MyBodyPain.

The study was conducted by Chinese and Japanese scientists. They examined more than 30 thousand pigs in China: the most common of the isolated strains appeared EAH1N1. Among animals, the new flu virus 2016 is circulating in 1979, and, according to experts, enough time has passed so that he could mutate and acquire the ability to trigger an epidemic among humans.

What is special of the new flu virus 2016?

Scientists: World Threatened By a New Flu Virus 2016

China is now the largest producer of pork, so there is a new flu virus 2016 can spread very quickly. Despite the fact that vaccines for the prevention of swine influenza exist in the country they are not widely used.

So far, studies were conducted only on animals. But the authors of an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, emphasized: «to prevent the transmission of this strain a person must act immediately.»

Scientists: World Threatened By a New Flu Virus 2016

Recall the next outbreak of swine flu strain H1N1, which occurred in 2009, quickly gained pandemic proportions. For the year then killed more than 12,000 people worldwide.

Now seasonal influenza vaccine effective against EAH1N1, and if this strain will spread, most people will not be protected. Natural antibodies to it have about 13 percent of the adult population.

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