Scientists have proven the harm of paracetamol during pregnancy

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Mother taking paracetamol during pregnancy can harm the fertility of their daughters and granddaughters, reports The Telegraph.

Popular painkiller can cause infertility in children.

How to acts on the body of paracetamol?

Animal experiments have shown that the use of paracetamol and indomethacin during pregnancy provokes a decrease in ovarian and fewer eggs in female offspring.

Violations are also found in the number of germ cells of newborn male individuals, but male fertility returns to normal when it reaches maturity.

Scientists have proven the harm of paracetamol during pregnancy

A possible explanation for this phenomenon may be the effect of anesthetics on the prostaglandin levels in the body, according to the publication in the journal Scientific Reports.

What  the best age pregnancy for the birth of the first child?

A study conducted on laboratory rats, in many ways, and may be applicable to humans, scientists say. Of particular importance in the light of open gains that paracetamol is often regarded as the safest pain medication during pregnancy.

Earlier it was reported that aspirin and paracetamol are not harmless.

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