Scientists have obtained new data on Alzheimer disease

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A group of Swedish scientists from the Uppsala University found that changes in brain neurons excitation processes occur decades before the first symptoms of Alzheimer disease, according to the publication The Telegraph.

Early recognition of changes in the brain opens up new possibilities for the treatment of.

In the future, this discovery can be used to predict the development of the disease in patients, which will appoint a specialized treatment early and correct lifestyle.

What is founded scientists on Alzheimer disease?

Scientists have obtained new data on Alzheimer disease

For the study, researchers observed the people who have inherited an increased risk of Alzheimer disease. Changes in one of the types of excitability of nerve cells, astrocytes observed even after 20 years prior problems with memory.

To date, Alzheimer’s disease therapy is aimed at combating the symptoms of the disease. The opening of Swedish scientists may help prevent the accumulation of amyloid plaques in astrocytes still in the early stages of what could be a breakthrough in the treatment procedure.

Alzheimer disease is a neurodegenerative disease that often affects older people. Its characteristic feature is memory impairment, as well as speech and other cognitive functions. Alzheimer’s disease suffers lot celebrities, including the legendary striker Gerd Muller Bavaria.

Previously, scientists have been able to fix the case of Alzheimer disease infection.

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