Scientists have discovered why women harder to lose weight

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It’s all about hormones. That all thing is to explain why women harder to lose weight!

Hormones are responsible for the regulation of appetite, physical activity, and energy expenditure, working in the male and female body in different ways, which affects the ability of the representatives of the sexes to leave with being overweight. This conclusion was British and American scientists will present the results of their new study in the Journal of Molecular Metabolism, reports The Telegraph.

One question of our life why women harder to lose weight?

Scientists have discovered why women harder to lose weight

How to set different weights for different floors, and depending on the physical activity and energy consumption, they were studied in mice. During the work the scientists were able to turn the males, obese, in lean, healthy rodents, but to do the same with females failed. As it turned out, a complex polypeptide called proopiomelanocortin (POMC), which is responsible for the regulation of appetite, increase energy expenditure through heat generation and the promotion of physical activity, the female body is only responsible for the desire to eat and does not give the other «bonuses».

«The World Health Organization says higher rates of obesity in women around the world, something which indicators differ twice in favor of men — said the head of research at the Institute of Nutrition and Health, University of Aberdeen (UK), Laura Heisler -. Currently, there is no difference in how obesity is treated in men and women. We also found that the part of the brain, which has a significant impact on how people use the calories consumed, different works in men and women. This may have far-reaching implications in the field of drugs used to combat obesity, which is currently sex of the patient are largely ignored. »

This issue is more than relevant. For example, in the UK from overweight or obese are 66% and 57% of women. By 2030, these figures could rise to 74 and 64 respectively.

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