Rhinitis — symptoms, prevention, treatment

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Let’s now talk about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of rhinitis. In my previous article, I wrote about the allergy to the sun and how still it unlucky people have. It was not long now falling outside that I was not very happy. During this period, the human body begins to attack a variety of viruses. Colds create a lot of inconveniences and serious poisoning life. One of the most unpleasant symptoms it is a runny nose (rhinitis).

Symptoms of rhinitis

Rhinitis - symptoms, prevention, treatment

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa immediately makes itself felt a sensation of dryness burning in the nose, sneezing, and added scratchy throat. Usually, it all starts acutely affected just two nasal passage. It may be the a headache, weakness, decreased performance. This continues for 1-2 days, after which there are the liquid and transparent allocation of the nasal passages, which gradually will melt a thick and yellow-green.

In addition, to these symptoms of rhinitis is observed:

  • raising the temperature to 37.2˚S-37.5˚S;
  • difficult breathing;
  • the smell disappears;
  • lost sense of taste;
  • It appears watery.

Organism with a strong immunity able to overcome the infection for several days. Otherwise, the disease can develop into a chronic form.

Prevention of rhinitis

In order not to get sick enough to perform simple rules:

  • to avoid large concentrations of people;
  • fully fed;
  • do physical exercises regularly, though;
  • allocate sufficient time for sleep.

It is important to improve the general immunity and enrich the menu foods high in vitamins.

In smokers the probability of cold and its duration increases.

If you are exposed to rain or heavily chilled, then return home to prevent rhinitis:

  • feet in hot water;
  • Wear warm socks, and at night, add them dry mustard (my mother since childhood did :));
  • Before going to bed is also helpful to drink a glass of hot tea with honey or milk.
  • If, despite the measures taken, rhinitis still has appeared, immediately proceed to its treatment.

Treatment of acute rhinitis

As soon as a stuffy nose, and there was a burning sensation, start to drink plenty of fluids. Come to the aid of warm herbal teas and broths. To reduce mucous secretions in the pharmacy buy vasoconstrictor drops, but they should be used no more than three days.

When the temperature rises to the level of a body must be 38.5˚S antipyretic. To facilitate breathing, you can use a humidifier.

Many people with colds because of the lack of understanding of the processes begin to take antibiotics for the treatment of rhinitis, but they are not needed. Antimicrobial drugs are not effective in infections that are caused by viruses. So they do not speed up recovery as in a cold, and during SARS.

That’s what turned my article about rhinitis, its prevention and treatment. I think now it will be particularly important. Oh, those autumn troubles!

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