Prevention of Influenza 2016: Protect Your Body

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In the fight against this dangerous opponent, as the prevention of influenza 2016, the best option — a quality and effective prevention. After all, it is no secret that the prevention of disease much better than its treatment.

The first and perhaps the most important remedy is the formation of immunity to the prevention of influenza 2016 virus. This is achieved by vaccination. Flu vaccine today there are many. The main requirement for it is updated formula. Unfortunately, the vaccine does not protect against flu — sick you risk the same, but the disease will take place much more easily and flu complications do not get.

Also the very effective group of drugs interferon, which includes native leukocyte interferon (diluted before using boiled water at room temperature and is buried in the nose of 2-3 drops in each nostril once a day 1) and interferon inducers such as Amikacin (Take 1 tablet once a week).

More «trendy» antiviral drug is Arbidol. It preventive dose is the same — 1 tablet once a week.

Fortification of the body. The most effective in the fight against influenza Vitamin C present in rose hips, cranberries, lingonberries, and blackcurrants, citrus.

Prevention of Influenza 2016: Protect Your Body

For the preparation of vitamin tea from rose hips, berries have to grind, a handful of crushed berries to fill in a thermos and pour boiling water. Cover tightly and leave to infuse overnight.

Cranberry juice is preparing simpler comminuted berries (fresh or frozen) are filled with water, filtered through a strainer. Add the sugar and the honey is better, and ready to drink.

Similarly, preparing cranberry juice. Black currant is much more useful in shabby or frozen without cooking. Eat it with spoons or drink currant juice.

Do not neglect prevention and folk remedies, such as garlic. It is used both internally and externally. Platter with garlic can be put on the table, and inhale the smell of healing. Also, eat garlic at every opportunity, individually or as part of meals.

And do not forget about the simple prevention of influenza 2016 methods support:

  • gauze bandage (mask);
  • hardening;
  • avoid hypothermia during the cold season;
  • a balanced diet and the use of probiotics;
  • regular ventilation and disinfection of premises;
  • possible exception of contact with sick people.
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