Perfect cleanliness of the apartment reduces the risk of obesity

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Scientists have discovered a previously unknown risk factor for overeating, which, as you know, inevitably leads to the development of obesity. In the kitchen or in the room is the disorder, where usually food intake, causes stress and subconscious voracious appetite.

Regardless of where the family is usually used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner — in the room or in the kitchen — in the room should be in perfect order. Otherwise, because of the unconscious stress caused by the sight of dirty dishes on the stove or in the sink, the sink, stains on the tablecloth and dust on the furniture, the feeling of saturation will occur later.

Why will the dirty kitchen lead obesity?

It is clear that this phenomenon will lead to overeating and a sharp increase in obesity risk in children and husband negligent hostess.

Perfect cleanliness of the apartment reduces the risk of obesity

And we discovered the existence of the link between cleanliness in the room, where the food intake and the risk of overeating Australian researchers from the University of New South Wales (University of New South Wales), who was invited to take part in an unusual experiment over 100 women.

Without explaining the true purpose of the study, the researchers divided the participants into 2 groups and asked them to wait in the premises, in which the interior is completely imitated standard kitchen.

In a «kitchen» reigned cleanliness, and in the second the scientists deliberately staged a terrible mess: on a plate piled sooty pots, and in the sink and on the table were plated with the remnants of dried food.

Participants were told that they would have to wait a bit and offered to pass the time, sweet snack cookies and purified raw carrots.

The researchers found that the subjects, who were in the untidy kitchen, ate significantly more than food, than those women who are in the kitchen. In this test, were in a dirty kitchen, much more «leaned» on the harmful cookies, rather than useful carrots.

Careful analysis of the data showed that each of the participants who were in the uncomfortable conditions of dirty dishes ate an average of 100 calories more than the women in the second group.

«Although our experiment involved only one woman, I have no doubt that similar results we would get and the participation in it only men,» — said the head of the study Professor Lenny Vartanian.

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