Pain In The Tonsils: Causes, Treatment of Pain in The Tonsils

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Gland, otherwise known as palatine tonsils — is lymphoid formations, a particularly important role. They protect the body against most pathogens penetrate it during eating and breathing. Because of its specific device data tonsillar lymphoid tissue effectively filters out most of the harmful bacteria. However, the cloth thus subjected to increased loads and almost always located in the fevered state, as a consequence, the risk of pain in the tonsils is extremely large.

However, the causes of pain in the tonsils can be quite heterogeneous, because, in order to avoid complications, you should promptly consult a specialist who can correctly diagnose the cause of the problem, and then assign the appropriate course of treatment.

The causes and diseases cause pain in the tonsils

There are many diseases that cause pain in the tonsils. Fortunately, most of them are widely known and described in detail, because the surgical intervention in most cases you can avoid complications.

Pain In The Tonsils: Causes, Treatment of Pain in The Tonsils

  • Allergic reactions. One of the most common causes of pain in the tonsils — a reaction to a variety of allergens and external stimuli. Then discomfort accompanied by a cough, runny nose and puffiness. Causes of allergy can be anything: dust, animal dander, pollen, medical and chemical products, food and more. Even excessively dry indoor air in some cases can cause an allergic reaction. Also, a negative impact on the glands of the air that is saturated with oxidants, if we are talking about open spaces.
  • HIV and cancer. Often inflamed tonsils in people who suffer from cancer of the nasopharynx. Also similar symptoms observed in people infected with HIV when secondary viral infections.
  • Chronic pharyngitis. This condition occurs when the pharyngeal mucus accumulates a significant amount and, therefore, occurs mucositis. The cause of this may be pharyngitis chemical irritants, contaminated or extremely cold air, as well as alcohol and tobacco smoke. Long-term inflammation of the flows in the lymphoid tissues, leading to pain in the tonsils.
  • There are over two hundred different types of infectious agents that can cause respiratory illness. These include as influenza and high cold and, viruses, respiratory syncytial type adenovirus, and so on. Manifestations of them may be different, including inflammation of the tonsils, causing a sore throat.
  • Exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis. This disease is very common; it is virtually always because inflammation of the tonsils, however, occurs in most cases in a much-disguised form. Most often, inflammation of the area peri-pharyngeal occurs in those who have no tonsils removed. Acute tonsillitis can occur in and of them, but more often it is a result of the impact of other diseases such as sinusitis, periodontal disease, and tooth decay, deformity of the nasal septum, as well as measles, scarlet fever or diphtheria. Separately highlight is acute tonsillitis, which is better known under the name «angina.» It is also an infectious disease in which inflamed in peri-pharyngeal ring lymphoid formations. Peripharyngeal inflammation of the tonsils and pain around the throat is considered one of the most characteristic symptoms. The reason for excitement is angina streptococci, staphylococci, and other opportunistic bacteria and viruses such as herpes and adenovirus.

Angina — one of the most common diseases that provoke pain in the tonsils

Pain In The Tonsils: Causes, Treatment of Pain in The Tonsils

Retropharyngeal abscess! This abscess, also called retrofaringealnym, is a result of festering lymph nodes located in the retropharyngeal space. This usually occurs due to mechanical damage of the mucosa, after which the body becomes infected. The case could exacerbate flows previously viral or infectious diseases such as scarlet fever, influenza or measles. If the abscess will develop at a fairly serious level, then there will be the pain in the tonsils, which may require surgery.

Whatever is the cause of pain in the tonsils, when it occurs it is mandatory to consult an audiologist, venereal diseases, infectious diseases or oncologist?

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