Pain in the back? Running to the pool!!!

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All well aware that with pain in the back recommends aqua. And what kind of direction, in what quantities and that, in addition to the pool, it can positively affect health, many do not even know.

Let’s start with the diagnosis. Various manifestations of degenerative disc disease are observed in almost all after 30 years. Do not rejoice, if you do not hurt. Only the result of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), the doctor can accurately diagnose in good health. Do not rush to flee the diagnosis; it is better to be engaged in prevention.

So, what is low back pain? The spine consists of 33-34 vertebrae, between which are the intervertebral discs. These disks act as the spine of depreciation. In his youth drives filled with moisture and nutrients and do their function perfectly. But over the years, everything changes. As a result, of the compression load and wear of the intervertebral discs is their flattening.

And then, as a rule, there is a variety of crushing, which bring a lot of inconvenience and pain. And sometimes one stage of the disease can pass without symptoms if your nerves or blood vessels are not exposed to a strong pinch.

Pain in the back? Running to the pool!!!

Secondly, the quality of your food also affects the state of bone and cartilage tissue as a whole. Conclusions can do you: Train but do not overload, eat properly and you will ensure the health of the spine for many years. Decide what you have until it’s not so bad to deal with back, some time later regret. Since no way back, your job is to stop the process and not allow it to develop. And if you already have it all started; do not worry, even if a hernia (intervertebral), correction is possible.

Two rules of training for the pain in the back:

  1. The absence of axial load and compression spinal traction.
  2. Creation of the muscular system (which is the support of the spine and intervertebral discs provide tropism).

Pool solves these problems with the skilful approach. Swimming perfectly relieves the spine and all the other joints, and the strengthening of the corset better manage water aerobics or special exercises on land. Why is special — explain. We need to engage the deep muscle layers back, and these exercises are performed at a slow pace with small amplitude or in static and. It is no secret that this activity as Pilates copes with this task. Also good for back exercises on a football, on dispensary Evminova.

Prophylactic a panacea to combat the problems of the spine, as includes exercises for stretching and strength for muscles spiny. An in the presence of a qualified personal trainer, physical therapy exercises properly fitted, make your back is not only healthy but also strong.

For everyday life and can give recommendations:

  1. alternating moderate physical activity with rest.
  2. Do not stay too long in one place, to include in its mode.
  3. Avoid excessive exercise.
  4. Remember that lack of exercise leads to a violation of the trophic tissue.
  5. Watch your diet. Minimize consumption of coffee and carbonated drinks contain, are used optimally animal proteins Enrich your diet with minerals and vitamins.

I also want to remind everyone that it is from the spinal column is the innervation of many organs and body systems. And their work is directly dependent on the health of the spine. And if you absolutely tolerant of pain in the back do not think that your body is too tolerant. So decide now whether you want to have a lot of discomfort and chronic diseases throughout life, or you prefer the healthy longevity?

Follow all recommendations and you are guaranteed the health of the spine and whole body!

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