Pain in neck and shoulders: causes and operative treatment

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«Strong Shoulders» is a beautiful idiom, in practice it is often the shoulders and neck are the most vulnerable to the daily stress and the current chaotic, but a sedentary lifestyle. Pain in neck and shoulders today is not surprised by the occurrence of any student teenager sits a good half day at the computer, or an adult who used to do manual labor, no serious office worker. But it is a sharp pain in the neck is able to cause enormous discomfort and even lead to temporary loss of a partial human performance. Why it occurs and whether some measures to prevent the development of such symptoms, interested in many of our contemporaries.

Causes of pain in neck and shoulders

Apart from chronic diseases and injuries, the most obvious and common causes of pain in neck and shoulders is not sufficiently intense level of physical activity, or vice versa — too high load on the body. Aching severe pain, aggravated by movements, may occur after the sports training or the next day. However, not necessarily be a successful athlete — to pull the neck muscles, enough only one careless movement. Probability of such injuries increases with age, as in young muscles and ligaments have greater flexibility, and age-related changes in muscle manifested primarily change in extensibility of muscle fibers.

Lack of mobility can also cause pain in neck and back. The pain is often chronic. It can pursue its owner every day, and can no apparent reason to retreat for months to later reappear. The cause of pain in neck and shoulders becomes a swelling of the tissues that occur in immobility (immobility), because poor circulation provokes the accumulation in the tissues of unoxidized metabolic products.

The most common injuries, which are characterized by this type of pain — is stretching and injuries, of course, if we are not talking about fractures and dislocations of joints Pleven. In addition to the pain these injuries are manifested by edema, hematoma, limited mobility, soreness when attempting the slightest pressure on the muscles. If there is at least the minimum probability of traumatic origin of pain, should immediately go to the hospital for specialist trauma counseling and receive professional treatment.

With herniated lumbar pain often linked, but in fact such a deformation can occur on any part of the spine. Affected by this, and cervical. When herniated discs of the cervical spinal column pain is very strong, can give to the shoulders, and the suffering person is not always clear which part of the body hurts.

Severe pain in the neck is one of the symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis. These conditions lead to a change in the composition of the bone substance and serious deformations of bones and joints in serious stages. It requires narrow-treatment that may be the most terrible consequences, including the development of torticollis.

It must be remembered that the pain in the neck to the left can be one of the manifestations of coronary heart disease, whereas right-sided pain can be one of the manifestations of acute or chronic cholecystitis.

Pain in neck and shoulders — a terrible combination?

Often, a one-time occurrence of pain in neck and shoulders indicates the presence of some serious disease. This inflammation may be occurring in the tissues of the card, and the echoes of long injury symptoms of chronic diseases of bones and joints, as well as evidence of the appearance of tumors, both benign and malignant.

How is the treatment pain in neck and shoulders?

It is not hard to notice the pain in the area of the body can have a variety of reasons — from serious diseases to the muscular grip of a prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position. If the pain in neck and shoulders appear regularly, or do not disappear at all, you should think about going to a specialist.

To their relief at the household level should work on their posture, try to keep your back and neck straight. Choose orthopedic bedding — hard mattress and a special pillow can now almost everyone, because the cost of low-end models available for the vast majority of our contemporaries.

Causes of pain may be very different, but yet another effective way to get rid of it — to buy special pillows or cushions, and use them while sitting. During acute attacks of pain, you can try fixing collars, it is desirable to use orthopedic aids prescribed by a doctor no more than two consecutive days. It is worth remembering that such treatment significantly limits the motor activity of the patient — while wearing a neck collar Schanz will be fully fixed.

Pain in neck and shoulders: causes and operative treatment

In that case, if pain did not appear as a result of injury, it is possible to try to make massage. For any manual techniques necessary to resort carefully, especially in the absence of appropriate education, but gently stroking and rubbing the surface will not do harm in any way.

Admission anesthetic can help relieve acute attacks of pain in neck and shoulders at the time when the visit to the doctor is impossible. You can use any generic drug for oral administration, it can also be used special ointments from pain in neck and shoulders, but they are more noticeable results do not bring.

If the pain in neck and shoulders, accompanied by fever and general weakness, delayed treatment in a medical institution is impossible. Before the arrival of the doctor patient is recommended to ensure complete immobility, or, at least, sparing regimen. Getting rid of the daily stress is recommended for all types of pain in the spine or the tissues around him before consulting a doctor.

During a meeting expectations with the doctor the patient need to prepare answers to the main questions that the doctor asks him during the inspection. For accurate diagnosis requires not only describe the type and nature of the pain in neck and shoulders, but also the factors that provoked its occurrence. You should also try to maximize describe in detail — whether it hurts only the muscle tissue and the pain gets worse when moving or discomfort worse at rest, if it spreads to the joints. As accurate as possible you should try to specify the focus of pain.

What is still better treatment or prevention pain in neck and shoulders?

Even if the pain in neck and shoulders require a simple treatment, it is still much easier to reduce to a minimum the likelihood of developing this illness. A balanced diet, moderate physical activity, correct posture and daily physiologically advantageous posture, including during sleep — are the main components of a careful attitude to his spine and shoulders.

It makes sense to also dispense mental and physical stress, regularly get up from the computer or the desktop, perform simple exercises or some domestic affairs. At home in your free time is just as useful to lie stretched out on a flat surface in the upright or learn to relax in a comfortable sitting posture. In any case, the ability to rest and relax — the key to a beautiful back, because in some cases the pain in neck and shoulders can occur on the background of psychological problems.

Video: «Most Important Exercise to Help Pinched Nerve and Neck Pain»

Thank you very much Dr. Mandell,  I started doing these exercises just yesterday and have notice that the agonizing pain in my shoulder is almost gone and my range of motion has almost returned.  My shoulder hurt so bad at times, it felt as if my arm was literally going to fall off.  I agreed after you said what causes this in the first place.  Bad posture.  I work from home on the computer all day and at night it seem I don’t sleep in the right position either because my shoulder would hurt even worse in the mornings.  I appreciate your videos and you don’t know how much my shoulder was bothering me.  I knew it seemed to be a pinched nerve because I had a similar issue a year ago and it lasted about 6 months.  I thought it was permanent but after seeing a chiropractor and getting massages, it mysteriously disappeared just as it came. But 100% this exercise video is the best and has help my situation tremendously.  I will continue to do these exercises because they do release the stress in my neck hopefully I will build a better posture. Much respect and continued success!!! Carl

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