Hurts And Pain All Over Body! What Is Fibromyalgia And How To Treat 2019

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If after a couple of hours, these feelings subside, and after a couple of days you do not remember about them — perhaps it was the effects of immoderate exercise or failure position during sleep. But if the pain all over body is not going anywhere, and spilled all over his body, bother you for weeks, is to assume the disease, which is called the beautiful and mysterious — fibromyalgia 2019.

Fibromyalgia Healing Soup Recipe — Saturday Strategy

During the movement (and the use of special drugs) like the brain «reprogrammed» and ceases to give such a strong and inappropriate response. The pain does not become less a brain ceases to perceive any touch as pain all over body. The effects of this disease often illicit diagnosis very similar to osteoarthritis, tendinitis and bursitis. If you experience problems like the one listed above, always consult your physician.

It seems no accident disease feminine: according to statistics, 80% of fibromyalgia — a woman. Although the men, it did not crawl.

Our expert — an employee of the laboratory of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology Research Institute First

Under different masks: If you feel pain all over body

So what is fibromyalgia? This is when any touch, every movement causes pain all over body. And the constant pain, for weeks and even months. Sometimes it pain all over body, sometimes the pain migrates from one area to another. The patient is worried about a lot of unpleasant symptoms, he constantly complains about it to one, then the other. And the doctor purely verdict: maybe it is hypochondria?

Or receives complaints as a sign of mental disorder. But the sign of equality between these diseases pain all over body and fibromyalgia can not be set. The disease is known for a long time, but in the past it was called myositis, fibrositis or generic term «psychogenic rheumatism», believing that the whole thing in inflammatory processes in muscles.

The real problem — in my head, fibromyalgia brain changes its function in the direction of sensitivity. This is confirmed by studies conducted by the hardware:

  • they can see that the area of brain activation in people with fibromyalgia and healthy vary considerably.

Why all the pain all over body?

According to some reports, fibromyalgia suffers every tenth person, but the disease is diagnosed much less frequently. The problem is that both the patient and doctor often do not perceive pain all over body comprehensively. That is a sore leg — so treat leg, back pain — treat back.

No to diagnose fibromyalgia, and special laboratory tests: this illness is impossible to «calculate» for no X-rays or blood for research or MRI. The doctor relies only on specific symptoms and examination.

Describing his pain all over body a person often says hell. But it’s just an emotional response rather than a medical one. It all depends on the individual pain threshold. In women, it is lower than that of men, but the latter are less patient — so that the pain all over body tolerance is higher for women.

Simple moves

Tearing pain all over body — Fibromyalgia Tearing pain all over body — Fibromyalgia

  • Fibromyalgia obedient to all ages, but most of its manifestations is suffering the most able-bodied part of the population — 35-65 years.
  • Sometimes the pain all over body is so severe that affect the quality of life. The simplest things — work, household care, even walking — become unbearable.
  • Stress not only provoke the development of fibromyalgia but also exacerbate its manifestation.

By the way

Studies show that the development of fibromyalgia to be a genetic predisposition. If your parents suffered from this disease, it is likely that it will also affect you.

Often the disease develops as a result of serious injuries, for example, after an accident. Fibromyalgia can develop autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus) when the immune system begins to take its own tissues as foreign and attack them.

Very strong factor — stress, lingering, deep, when a person is living in suspense for months and depressed.

To get rid of the pain all over body, it is necessary to restore brain function. Of course, prescribe treatment and symptomatic relief of pain all over body, but the main thing — is the head. When fibromyalgia are often prescribed anti-depressants — not for the treatment of symptoms of depression, and for the normalization of the brain, but they have a good replacement. Regular medication can replace as regular walks in the fresh air and moderate exercise.

Massage could be an important element of treatment, but in patients with fibromyalgia pain all over body cause even ordinary touch — and the message takes quite serious kneading body.

  1. «Use, and you will lose,» — says the English proverb, which is quite applicable to the brain, because in the process of moving it works differently than the rest, it is better oxygenated and other useful elements.
  2. Such patients useful swim in the pool, doing breathing exercises and physical exercises.
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