Named Main Danger of Fatty Foods

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Experts at Johns Hopkins University (USA) found that fats can be cleaved in the human body, even with abnormal liver functions. However, despite this, the power for fatty diet can lead to death of the individual.

The results of this study are given in the publication Cell Reports.

During fasting the human body maintain proper blood sugar levels through gluconeogenesis — the process of creating glucose from non-carbohydrate compounds, for example, from fat. Previously it was believed that gluconeogenesis occurs primarily in the liver, and quite a bit — in the kidney and intestine. But when the researchers cut off the liver of rodents CPT2 gene responsible for the oxidation of fatty acids, it was found that mice live even longer period of time.

Named Main Danger of Fatty Foods

Through further research we found out that Kidney rodents have accumulated a lot of fat, as well as the presence of active genes for the splitting of fatty acids. Scientists explain this by the fact that other organs take on the function of the damaged organ. In this case the intestine and kidney function assumed by fat cleavage.

In addition, biochemists allowed genetically modified rodents with the gene off CPT2 food with lots of fat. As a result, it was found that mainly fat it accumulates in the liver, leading to the complete dysfunction of this organ and the end result — death.

Since the process of lipolysis produced ketones that the body uses in the form of an additional energy source, such reactions take place exactly in humans with diabetes. The increased amount of ketones in the blood causes the onset of ketoacidosis, which is often responsible for the death of a person. Experts believe that further research will help to find out how the body’s ability to adapt to metabolic disorders will help to avoid ketoacidosis.

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